A highlight from The Culture Corner: 30 Years Since Massive Attack's 'Blue Lines'

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This is the world cafe. I'm arenavirus maybe back. In february you caught our series. The black roots of rock and roll with john morrison. We had so much fun that john is now back for a new regular segment. John morrison is a podcast host and the host of culture safer radio on wfan in philadelphia where we make world cafe and this is the first edition of the culture corner. John welcome back to the world cafe. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. I'm so happy you're here on your culture safer radio show you talk about how the is kind of about hip hop and beyond. Could you give us an idea of what kind of stuff you'll be bringing to us every month here on the world cafe absolutely i would say with culture cypher. Radio philosophically right. The show is rooted in hip hop culture rap music hip hop music specifically but hip hop kinda contains multitudes right especially with you know sampling culture plan into effect so a lot of the music that we play is rap music hip hop music. But it's also free jazz bebop rock soul all kinds of stuff So basically with culture cypher. Radio it's a hip hop show but it's also very much inspired by the Free form approach to music and with this segment. I kind of wanted to incorporate a little bit of that philosophy into the music that we're talking about. Yeah it can like connects it across a whole bunch of different genres like the culture at large in a way. Yeah absolutely so. We're celebrating the first culture corner with john. Morrison by celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of seminal album. Blue lines i massive attack. And i know we're going to dig into the of this album nitty gritty of it a little bit later on. But maybe you can give us the headline for folks who might be completely new to massive attack. Why is this album so important. Why is it something you wanted to talk about today. Yeah absolutely massive attack famously. Three person crew out of bristol in england The originally released blue lines in nineteen ninety one. This month is the thirtieth anniversary of this album. And their commonly referred to as the godfathers of trip hop But it's interesting because this album actually predates the term trip hop that wasn't coined until the summer of nineteen ninety four but blue lines is really one of these records that lay down the blueprint for a lot of music. That came after it When we talk about like hip hop and beyond in this Broad and eclectic approach to sampling and incorporating all of these other styles of music into a unique whole. Blue lines is really a significant record. That did that and kind of inspired directly inspired a lot of other music that will come after it so people who might not know massive attack. Who have they influenced that people might know. I would definitely say immediately. A porta said they've also been associated with this genre tag of trip hop you know these like a beautiful lush atmospheric arrangements over sample break beats and drums a and that's you know a blueprint that massive attack helped lay down with definitely also say gorillas you know pulled influence from massive attack a ton of bands so they got their start in bristol in the uk. Could you give us a little bit of context. What was the bristol. Music scene like when the members of massive attack showed up there yeah bristol is is really interesting and for folks who wanna get like a deeper dive into what bristles music scene was like a journalist named melissa chairman wrote a book called massive attack out of the comfort zone the story of a sound a city a group of revolutionary artists and it really digs deep into what bristol was like You know like a lot of places in england In the post were to era you had a lot of immigrants from the caribbean. Come in bring in ray and sound system. Culture was really big in bristol. But you also had this whole post punk movement you know the pop group that kind of sound popping off where you had like this Really experimental approach to punk that was going on and with a lot of the music that was happening in the late seventies early eighties debt. Massive attack was inspired by this collision of hip hop meets reggae. Meets postpone. an all of this stuff happened in together. And when you listen to blue lines you hear that sound you hear Jamaican vocalist horace. Andy dean a guest spot on this album. You hear shades of post punk and hip hop sampling meets. You know dub reggae and all this stuff is really It really represents just how broad the music culture in bristol really was. But let's hear a little bit of one of the tracks at horace. Andy sang on this one. Love for massive attack's blue line one and war and and a new one. Ooh don't one love by passive attacks from their album of blue lines which celebrates its thirtieth anniversary

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