A Prayer for Clarity About Your God-Given Purpose


A prayer for clarity about your god given purpose by heather khalil read by liam martin. The lord will fulfill his purpose for me. Your steadfast love. Oh lord endures forever do not forsake the work of your hands psalm. One thirty eight eight. My old friend. Pedro leaned against my kitchen counter. Drink in hand and asked me a question. I knew i should be able to answer. How is god using you. These days heather at the time. I didn't give myself credit. For how i already served god. I couldn't recognize god's purpose in my ordinary life. Because i didn't really understand what purpose was i couldn't see it. Even though it was right under my feet cure four things. I got wrong about finding my purpose. One i thought purpose was a fancy destination. Not a long dusty journey for most of my christian life. I assumed finding my purpose was like a cosmic job search. I should put together a mental resume and seek out job openings ministry or serves opportunities that fit my profile. When i landed up purpose. I should keep it for life in truth. Our purpose is an ever evolving multifaceted apprenticeship to jesus not a single clearly defined role that lasts forever. I found great comfort in realizing the ebbs and flows of my life or booth modeled in scripture as in wandering the desert anyone and reflected in nature as i witnessed the cycles of tides moons and even my own body. I'm on a

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