Skeery Pays Top Dollar for Paint


I have special paint here my house. Of course you do. This was this page was mixed. I got it at the king of england. No no no ten. No no this. Is i think the called the aura. Paint line. Ora ora ora and they're made by a what's the name of that other words it's like by the ten dollar one or the twenty. No no the pain is from. Whereas benjamin moore benjamin moore picture benzon. Which is the god so long ago. Moore's the benjamin veggies sherwin williams benjamin moore so what happens is or benjamin moore aura into. Let me let me see what it says here. Here's why the description. It is zora right so the reason or interior with our exclusive color lock. Technology is correct now. Color lock means colored on delivers the ultimate performance. Yes it does. Brilliant the stretch everlasting color. That's the key. Brody everlasting. So i got paint cans that are twelve years old down there and the molecular structure because they made the paint on the spot right rock then pose you bastard i if i have some touch ups to do. Most people would take that pain. Can't that's twelve years. Old the stick rushing it and they would start swiping the wall with it and it'll be discolored so a line of paint would blend right in. It was brand new. So hey when top dollar at the time okay. Because i am not penny wise pound foolish.

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