The Ski Mask Rapist

The First Degree


Three years man police dubbed the ski mask rapist had terrorized the bay area of california ripping up of seven unsuspecting women in their homes and churches or school. Campuses women did what they could to protect themselves in sketches of a possible suspect circulated in the region with these things have little to stop the suspect who is hell bent on reaping and terrorizing as many women as possible. This suspect would always wear ski mask with rob his victims and he would always enter through an a- mocked window or door. The police believe the rapist sit in church or school. Parking lots to zero in on targets for stalking his victims to learn their routines right before he struck by november of nineteen eighty-seven twenty six year old. George sanchez was a suspect in the ski mask rapist. Case in san jose police department had put surveillance detail on the twenty six year. Old city sewer worker while sanchez would come and go at odd hours improve various neighborhoods. They hadn't caught him doing anything incriminating at this point when the nineteen eighty seven thanksgiving weekend approached due to staffing issues. The decision to pull the surveillance detail off of sanchez was made in the san jose. police learned. What a costly mistake. This would be when they received a call informing them that another rape occurred. This time chillingly. The victim was an eighty four year. Old woman who'd been attacked at the church in san jose attack itself happened inside a confessional. When the police spoke to the woman she told them how the horrifying events unfolded. The band had asked us telephone before raping her at first. The suspect wasn't wearing a disguise but then he locked her in the confessional and came back ten minutes later wearing a mask. He held her at gunpoint and said during the attack. I was in a trance. I couldn't think the attacker stole her wallet. Which is a red clutch type purse. And this very devout church-going eighty four year old had been raped in her place of worship. And this assault just happened to occur when the security detail had been pulled off of their now. Lead suspect george sanchez to put it lightly. This was a huge police

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