After Child Dies, US Regulator Warns About Peloton Treadmill

NBC Nightly News


There's an urgent new warning tonight. About a peleton product. Federal agency says one of the companies treadmills pose a serious risk to children and pets. Mclaughlin has details onto warning. Some of the video is disturbing tonight. A rare and urgent warning from the agency charged with keeping consumers safe. Stop using the peleton tread plus immediately if you could have a pet child or object around this device noting the popular treadmill poses serious risks to children for abrasions. Fractures and death. We hope that we will reach a voluntary recall. Stop sale consumer product safety commission releasing this disturbing video showing two children unsupervised playing on a peleton tread. Plus you see the little boy pulled under the four hundred fifty pound machine. Eventually the child escapes uninjured. We've had thirty nine incidents of objects a pet and worst of all children being sucked underneath the device and we believe that the public health and safety warrants earnings warning out peleton released a statement refuting the warning from the cpsc saying it's troubled by the unilateral press release alleging that it's inaccurate and misleading adding that there is no reason to stop using the tread plus as long as all the warnings and safety instructions are followed noting that children under sixteen should never use the tread plus and members should keep children pets and objects away from the tread plus at all

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