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All about the coronavirus. I'm health reported teigen tyler. I'm physician and journalist alter norman swan. It's wednesday the fifth of may two thousand and twenty one big day from me. What's happening today. Well i'm in melbourne and michael rowland from news. Breakfast are going off to the convention center to have a very public immunization with the extract. That is exciting. I am pretty jealous. Epsom go my t shirt on a thought. I've got to be raising carefully for this. I don't have to take a shirt off in front of the cameras that it would be ugly. Congratulations that isn't momentus day. And while we're talking about people getting vaccinated about a week ago. The globe passed a pretty significant milestone one billion. Vaccinations globally yup. It's a great milestone. And as i think a piece nature said who'd have thought sixteen months after an entirely new organism emerged as a pandemic organism that you'd have vaccine available vaccines available to immunize a billion people around the world. I mean it's extraordinary. It's really major but it's interesting the disparities that will it's it's really not surprising but there are really huge disparities between some countries that have had millions and millions of accents and some that have fewer. Three quarters of all of the devices have been given just ten nations. And when you look at those ten nations For some particularly united states the disadvantaged populations within those nations have been under united whereas people who've got resources are well immunized even though the vaccines free so issue getting disadvantaged populations is within countries as well as globally and it's interesting that that one billion doses gets used seven point three percent. I think the figure of the world's population with a single does so. There's a long way to go. You ten billion maybe more dozes before you get to even seventy percent coverage yeah and this is sort of saying that scientists say that more than seventy five percent of the world's population needs to be vaccinated to bring the pandemic under control. So i guess we're a tenth of the way there. I mean if they use the johnson vaccine which is a single dose. You could get there much faster because you not having to double vaccinate everybody. So it's a big and complex problem we don't have time today to go into global health inequities but how does a strategy fit into this worldwide picture. Well we're well endowed with vaccines this year. We are slow. There's no question the abc's vaccine site. The vaccine dot site abc puts together with there are fantastic daughter. Journalists says the rate we're going we will be fully immunized by september two thousand and twenty three. Okay we'll hopefully we can speed up before then but where about ten percent of the way through ow eligible population that way we could really you can get up to a couple of hundred thousand doses a day which is pretty high performance. We could be your. Everybody could have their first vaccine. Does july august so we could not two thousand twenty three but two thousand and twenty one so we could really escalate and get it out there but that requires all shoulders to the wheel and people being willing to vaccinated themselves. Well we put the call that yesterday to people who are now are the fifty eligible to be vaccinated to see what was saying about how easy it was to get a vaccine. How feeling about it and we got so many responses thank you as always listeners for responding when we put out the call People wanting to know whether you booked in for your shot. Norman and we know that you are now but richards also saying yesterday. Richard got the astra zeneca vaccine he. Melvin went to the exhibition buildings. With as vaccination hub process was easy. Nobody required just walked in short waiting. Time the whole process probably took an hour and richard strikes to have got it. Yeah that's fantastic. I remember the with some two days ago. There was some film. Abc news exhibition buildings and it was all almost brought tears to your eyes. Are woman saying she was so excited to have it. She wanted to travel against your children. I think overseas. I mean he's just fantastic. So victoria's the state that's had the most vaccines rolled out so far. It's a pretty narrow margin. But i wonder if people there particularly came to get it because they leap through the toughest lockdown last. Gee i think that's part of it. That people are motivated. They don't want to go to another low time. This seen what it looks like and the other thing is that you re toria probably has been faster than other states to get their their high throughput centers going so. I think better organized but as you say. It's by small margin the other states pretty well organized. Another person in tasmania is michelle. She says she's in hyderabad over fifty her j. Pay still on the receiving fifty dollars a week for their for clinics wanting to get a booking at the first available appointment was the eighteenth of may and one more firmly who's nwa. She found it super easy to begin for a vaccination yesterday used the eligibility checkout on the health. Depan website gave her a choice of x nation. Sent his knee her a short. Wait on the line for booking and now she's off to be vaccinated so like you say patchy which means in some places at the actually working pretty well. This combination of states in general practices is going to work out fine and thankfully the states of stepped up to the mark. And if you look through big so to speak including tasmania people seem to be appreciating the gp received clinics. They seem to be having plenty of doses. And that's those are much easier places to get into including the high throughput centers in each state. So that's great nice partnership between general practice and the states seems to be starting to take off. It does seem like in some places at a bit of legwork involved but if you call around you can find a spot so staying in vaccines but a question from adam about val naval which we spike about yesterday.

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