A highlight from Anger Mismanagement


Schussed for fun verbally assaulting an innocent bystander. Because their face offends you. Gandhi would encourage you to channel these vitriolic thoughts into some measly on dick. Slap her third eye and to enlightenment and send you packing sands of motionlessly disturbed baggage here on and body no soul we embrace inner anger because it is inherently heart of us and win exercised appropriately can be beautifully incredible force of natcher. Being obscenely. Angry can be a motion elite depleted. But it can also be super super fun. I liked to think of myself as the very best most articulate abrasive and masterful version of myself. When i am able to channel can arrange and when the mood strikes most of my loved ones had to a subterranean bunker and weather the storm but when life gives you torrential downpour who'd on your galoshes and dance in the rain carla tate. Anger is a beautiful symphony of chain whereas other emotions like despair leave us not miss stagnant and pathetic anger often encourages active energy back channeled into beautifully flagrant fruits of verbal assault and public displays of crazy for the whole family. A scientific study that i completely fabricated says that spurts of anc coincide with extreme creativity and cerebral rowley's due to the heightened adrenalin and jopin st- from anger induced exertion khokar harness painted with all the colors of the other fuckin- wind and anger provides the oh so fiery tones to paint and color. The canvas of your life. Hard truth is that some times which shows snaps. And that's okay. Snap off snap. It is far better to intermittently baby. Ranches did inside tuber roots of the tree. Rot and then timber. It is important to acknowledge that triggers are everywhere instead of ignoring. he's triggering flare ups. We must be she and normalize all the beauty. Aggression has to offer truly can be the most healthy and entertaining conduit for action when channeled according let's work on asserting our inner anger by expression not suppression. I now want you to think of three things that make you on control ably angry in an effort to solidify

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