A highlight from BK Previews NFL Draft with Peter King & Broncos No. 9 Pick with Benjamin Allbright


Heavy draft day broncos country is happy draft day. I think so. I think it will be because you're denver. Broncos are going to make pick in the first round. I guess barring a lot of lot of trade backs trades back. But i don't know trade backs trades back either way they're like we're gonna pick it nine maybe they slide back if someone knocks the socks off with a trade and then what will they do if they do stick at nine. I put on my mock draft. I've got him taking. Patrick ser tan the second. That's based on a couple of things. uninformed guests talking to people in the building and the notion that the eagles and giants won't leapfrog them to go get certain and they can't get a good trade partner. If a quarterback like trae lance falls there but justin fields has gone or all. The cubes are gone. I don't think they like mag jones. I don't think they liked freelance. I think they like just fields of he's air. Maybe they'll get excited. If he slides a seven they'll jump to seven to go get him With detroit and not let a team mind and maybe a new england jump up there and go get him if If they want justin feels badly enough. But if he's air at nine i think they grab them. Otherwise i think you're lookin' corner and tan has gone and they can't find a trade partner at nine then i think they'd put settle in quotes. Jc as well. I just think they're in on corner. More than their non tackle as much as people think it'll be rashawn slater corners more of a premium position. And they have two tackles right now. So that's the way i'm going. That's the way it says my mock draft again. This is not just me. It's informed guests But speaking of informed. Benjamin albright is now the broncos insider. I'm a broncos. Sports reporters is no cover. The broncos But he will join me here in just a little bit to talk about what the broncos are gonna do tonight is a chance talked peter king on logan and louis and there's nobody better than peter king One of the best in the biz football morning in america and of course nbc sports So gonna go through a bunch of stuff with peter king and even Just for fun. Low baseball talk at the end just as he's as big a baseball fan as as anybody. I know So why don't i get out of the way we can hear from the great peter king. Maybe the very best football writer in the busy guy. That i always love. Cnn missed a being at the combine for having some beers our favorite brewery There in indiana. Peter king joins us. And i don't know why i'm drawing a blank on sun king obviously son king is. They've got one of my favorite beers ever with john. Les peter great to talk to you especially on willie nelson's birthday own. Also there's nfl draft going on a brandon. How you doing. i'm doing. I'm doing really really good. It's it's been weird. I'm curious. Let me ask you this. Because i was mentioning to grant how you were here. Two years ago we all hate co for a million reasons. But i have to think for the second straight year unless the rams are letting you in there malibu mansion you aren't getting to go hang out in a teams war room like you normally do because code restrictions. Yeah no you're right. I'm not gonna be in anybody's after them. You know last year. I actually something that That was really really cool. I basically Sure the power of face. Time watch and listened to the first round of the tampa. Bay buccaneers By watching and listening to jason light who had set up his draft room in his children's toy room home right and it was just totally bizarre experience. It was midway through around. He was madly trying to trade up. Get a trade partner to get trysted worth and I would say maybe it was I'm guessing around pig. Twelve or thirteen. He was on the phone with the. We've might may are. Gm and the raiders and at that moment a there was a blood curdling. Scream of mommy. her outside the door so I don't know that was kind of fun deal for you know for sort of you know the i said to him when when it was all over i said to him that you know now you realise what every other you know every other employee or employer america is going through right now which in essence is You know home stuff interfering with work stuff you know like day after day after day. Anyway he thought it was kind of cute. Yeah do remember seeing your football morning in america column after the fact it had to be cool. Just to be a fly on the wino- when you're in the room is there when you've been in the room 'cause i know you're in the room with the niners you've been in the room with other teams. You wanna be a fly on the wall. It's got to be easier on zoom to really be a fly on the wall in some respects. Then when you're in the room. Like there's peter king we've seen on tv and covering the league forever in our room so in some ways. Is that a little better to be more anonymous than just an observer. I know the bad the bad part. The different part last year was that i saw one person last year right. I saw the guy making the ultimate decision whereas you know with the forty niners twenty seventeen. What was cool

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