New York, New York: Where People Fight Subway Trains and Win


York city is the only city. I've lived in where people fight subway trains and win like any other cd on the planet when the train doors start to close out that means that train to pod him is supposed to shut up and wait patiently for the next train. No new york new york against the piece of paper in between those doors one millimeter space. All you need you got a fighting chance. We'll take for granted now struggling to closing train doors in new york just cutting them that black rubber pa. That's the personal open button for every commute on the trains train leaving till i get on board. Where's my ticket right here. Buddy mike. My first week in new york. I was on this crowded subway train and it was packed all the way to the doors right. I'm on the train and it's packed. Does doors start closing in front of me and it's the doors start closing. This guy walks up to the closing doors and jams his fingers just lane to the door. No regard for his limbs. All ages like his need to strain exceeded his need to grip things. He did a cost benefit analysis in his head. He's you know watch. This is overrated. Who is this most wounds this point of articulation will be perfect so just crazy enough of a gap to stop fighting and he fights this train for eight seconds. Just waits it to a stalemate justice decision. He can move the train tam move. No-one can move

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