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Jillian. How are you today. I am loving. Today it's beautiful. Outside so julia. Tell me about what you're doing these days. What are you up to you and then let's talk about. Let's talk about the conference that you do the sisterhood and technology what while it's been a hugely busy spring has it that everyone i talked to okay. People stopped holding their breath. Cove ed and they're like okay. Let's do this thing so we are really like i'm. I'm busy so i work at harvard. Your partner is i do. I'ma account executive so. I'm feeling a bunch of great possessions for people right now but more importantly working on sisterhood of technology which we've talked about before and it's an effort to really make sustainable change for women in the workplace especially in technology. That is what we're working on and we had to cancel accomplished last year. And it was such a bummer. But we're going to do it this year. We just confirmed we get to have a few people on site like one hundred people on site and we're gonna do it also virtually so we are tom. We have this amazing lineup of speakers that most people around the twin cities probably haven't heard it's going to be. It's going to be really cool. Yeah i'm excited for it. I was bummed. It last year's had to get canceled. But i think it's a really important. I think it's really important mission that you're doing and the conference if i'm someone who's interested in a conference who specifically is the audience for it who do you think would get the most out of it as a really good question. So here's the thing. I would say how it's targeted there is. I think there's two fold things that we need to do for women in technology. Women need to have each other's backs right so we need to do networking and mentoring. That will be an option both virtually and in at the conference blame as well but the other half a bit is really what text mission is all about and that is really to engage organizations to make sustainable change. What does it really mean. What does it mean to be a have gender diversity and a company so people who are interested in not only their own connections there on networking connections but also. What are the key things. That i need to do. Either as a vp of technology a cio. Or someone just coming up through the ranks that needs to do organizations. How can i influence that

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