FDA to Urge Limits on Heavy Metals in Baby Foods


Two months after a video surfaced of Morgan Wallen, shouting a racial slur. He says he's working to improve but needs more time to make amends. He was suspended by his record label. After the incident. Theocratic me of country music dropped him from the ACM awards. Still, while in streams and album sales soared in a Twitter post, he says he's back in Nashville now, and his story is far from over while and promises you'll be seeing him sooner rather than later. Deborah Rodriguez, CBS News seven Oh, wait, Let's check in on Wall Street this morning Business news from Bloomberg brought to US by Enterprise Wealth Management, a division of Enterprise Bank. And there's a move to get toxic heavy metals out of baby food details now from Bloomberg's Tom Busby. Well, Jeff the FDA now proposing strict limits on the level of arsenic, lead, mercury and other dangerous metals. Have been found in baby foods, even products or some of the nation's biggest manufacturers. Some of it gets into fruits and veggies naturally through the soil or warders. Others from pesticides. Sounds like any amount. Maybe too much, though. On Wall Street this morning a big earnings beat from the nation's biggest bank JP Morgan Chase, even though it made fewer loans last quarter, especially on credit cards. Despite that, Dow futures down 24 mortgage applications last week down nearly 4% reef eyes falling for 1/6 week in a row. I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg Business on WBZ.

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