Why Blockchain Remains an Integral Tool in the Food Industry

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Alicia. Welcome to the show. Thank you for having me all right. Your title is a bit of a tongue twister. Tell me exactly what it is that you do a bear. Yes it is so essentially. I'm more of an internal consultant. And i helped the teams and products apply from an it from a digital strategy from a product supply business team accelerate innovation. So i do that through collaboration through innovation methodologies and through bringing in external partnerships to get minimum viable products so i said along with the product supply. It leadership team and help bring technology to light within the strategy of the crop. Science business unit. Yes so. This is a fascinating domain. I've read a lot information about this. But i don't know of our audience knows just. How much technology is currently involved in bringing in the agriculture agriculture industry You know i've i've heard about technology. In regards to the manufacturing the movement of a you yourself is listed intricacies and complex regulations for international trade. Things you have to solve their you worked on blockchain logistics you've worked on inward processing standards regulatory workflow in different countries. So this is a massive technology undertaking. You could share a little bit about explain. How wise technology so involved in the supply chain for crop science agriculture science. How it basically fold. How do we get. How did we get to this place. Where technology so involved. Oh you know. It's amazing one of the reasons that i was intrigued by this role at there is because agriculture is one of the industries that i haven't worked extensively in but i also knew that there were such advances leaps and bounds and advances in technology and To be able to be part of that just really exciting

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