Bye Bye Cellulite?

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Today my fabulous co host is dr cats. He is a board certified dermatologist and director of the geneva skin and laser center. Right here in manhattan dr katz. Thank you so much for being with us today. Number with you So everybody's gonna wanna listen up because cellulite. It is a huge problem. I feel like having been in this beauty community forever. The way that i look at cellulite is that it's kind of like if your boss was to bring their bratty child to a party. It's something we all know about. It's it's a problem we all have to deal with. But there's nothing you can really do about it so nobody wants to touch it. Is that pretty accurate. That's how cellulite has been regarded. Yeah absolutely i mean we. We used to call cellulite. The holy grail he goes there have been so. Many treatments have been touted to work from lasers to Radio frequency to topical agents caffeine aminov. Flynn medication that you rub on his skin. All different types of things and you know what most of them did nothing you know. It's it's interesting too. Because i think that i want to talk a little bit about what cellulite is. What causes it. But before we get into that. I also want to specify boomer talking sometimes about you know quote unquote treating things. There's a difference between actually trading a problem and making it appear like making the appearance. Less notable and i think sometimes people confuse that they think fit like. Oh if i use this cream. This cream is actually going to treat it when really know it might help make the appearance somewhat less noticeable things like

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