A highlight from Teaching through Covid-19


You know you. And i have been together now. Probably in the last twenty four hours more than we've seen each other in months and months literally month. Yeah which is odd. Yes because now keep in mind folks that we are doing our proper social distancing when. I say that we're together six. Yes so that's important and we're coming at you at some really odd time that we are all facing of course you were. You're all aware where all together right so yeah. Our world has been turned upside down like everybody else's when we come at you today to talk about this recognize that maybe some of the issues that we're dealing with Don't even compared to some of the hardships. That folks are facing. I mean we're quite literally talking about life and death And perhaps you know somebody that's been affected by this or will at some point so we're aware of that. We're just gonna talk a little bit about what we've been facing his teachers and case the listeners at home i mean are are wondering right with this. Is you know from our perspective. So that's the point of this broadcast. So i hope we don't at any point in the course of this broadcast touch on nerves or something along those lines. Yeah it certainly isn't so we're just again focused today on our perspectives as educators and recognize. Of course that we're all in this together is fully possible that the tougher times are ahead so be prepared talk coming out right but while the circumstances. Sure do suck. It's good to be back with you. Yeah it's been a while we decided. That's our catchphrase is we did. We did a monday memo last night for the first time in. I don't even know how long well. Yeah which explains why we've been together for the last twenty yes Because we did another creative project collaborative project if you're not familiar with it As our our our pseudo roles is van beacon stein right kinda forgotten. Renamed are substitute teachers. O.'neil public schools. We we do parodies on songs. In order to send messages young people and some of them are good and some of them are crazy. Yeah it's fun though. I think the all might be crazy. Yeah you're right. otherwise what's the point. You know you gotta exactly. Yeah so that should be dropping pretty quick here. You might put a link of that here. Post the podcast or something along those lines. Hey you so. That's what we did yesterday and today we thought we'd get together maybe discussed some of these things That as parents you might be dealing with as educators sitting at home right now with more time on your hands than you did before race you want to reflect on and ponder and so that's that's what we're after today so tell me a little bit about what you've been up to be i. I don't know how far we could go way back. I mean we could go back okay. So i'll start with my speech. Season ended earlier. Which i mean. Okay so technically district state speech have been suspended postponed. I'm just that's not i mean. I'm just preparing the kids that it's it's done. We're died in which is absolutely devastating. My i got a couple seniors who had a pretty good chance at st in. They're just crushed. I mean for good reason. I mean i think the seniors are special and we can get into this a little later but the seniors are struggling a lot because it's their senior year so that's been pretty disappointing. I close out of my speech tabs yesterday. Which was really hard to do. It's really hard on computers. So i leave all their speeches open. And i leave the practice schedules open and everything so i just closed all amount. Yesterday sucked those hard. So i don't know and we've been kind of scrambling to just get stuff ready for enrichment opportunities for kids have stuff to do at home. And that's been kind of weird challenge in changing constantly. So you know talk about that a little more. Yeah i mean that's kind of what i've been doing. Just kind of rolling with the punches and trying to figure out what the best how to best use my time right now and it's been weird. Yeah yeah yeah. There's no other way to put it. Yeah i mean. If i take myself back to the time in the classroom that we've had up to this point you know for the last couple of weeks. It's just you felt like you're on this slow march to an inevitable outcome ray. New was there. You didn't know win right and it was just. I don't know that in sixteen years education. Which isn't you know an eternity by any means but why have nothing to compare that to nothing. I feel like that's the consensus with pretty much. Everybody in the profession right now. Yeah no matter how long you been in it. This is just absolutely completely at

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