Is a Blog or Podcast Better for Your Small Business Marketing


Today's episode we're looking at a blog with us a podcast which is better for your ps. Small business marketing. Hello and welcome to the success. Unscrambled podcast auburn and my focus is to help when thousand creative female entrepreneurs would next ten years become more visible using simplified on fund marketing programs. So that they can scale the business quickly. Donate one percent of the prophets time and resources to help reduce woman illiteracy eventually gaining time and freedom. They need with their loved ones. Are you ready. So you at that stage where you're looking at a blog with a podcast strategy to implement your small business marketing needs you know that blogging has been around for many years as possible that this method is saturated podcast on your behind continues to be the new kid on the block. It appears to be getting more popular and seems offer more stealthy. However you're not sure which one is easier to produce this point. You would like answers to the following questions between the two mediums which one is easier to get started. What is the cost to start a podcast. Compared to a blog is there established methodology to go from zero to one thousand visitors a month on the blog compared to getting one thousand listeners. On a podcast. How to get the ten to twenty. Who's written compared to podcast. Episodes recorded on which one will take longer which option would be more suitable for your target market in this episode. You'll learn how to choose between a blog with a podcast for your business. The process involve getting started on how to get your listeners to your podcast and readers to your blog so before we get into it. Let's look at the definitions in order to help you choose between these two mediums. Let's look at what they are in the presentation format a blog of the written form of content that ranges between three hundred ten thousand words in length. The reason why there is such a wide range in length of a blog. Post is because it depends on the type of posts as well as the reason it is. It wasn't

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