Pablo Sanchez, Biden Administration And Ben Thomas discussed on Larry Elder


Mm hmm. The cases of TTS doctor Pablo Sanchez says the blood clot risk should not be dismissed. I understand the benefits of immunization. There's Mean? You cannot argue with them. But I also understand the risk and the risk is not a mild. It's not insignificant risk. It makes me nervous. Meanwhile, correspondent Ben Thomas reports officials are moving toe end an emergency exception, allowing hospitals to ration and reuse and 95 medical masks. The Biden administration says there are now adequate supplies of in 95 masks and hospitals and healthcare facilities to transition away from rationing them. The National Nurses Union calls the new guidance a tiny step in the right direction. But it says it ultimately fails to protect nurses because it allows employers to use their discretion about what normal and 95 supply is in Elizabeth City, North Carolina passport tank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten, the second says state authorities will investigate the fatal shooting of Andrew Brown Jr by deputies Long force major, She's investigating itself. In the case like this. Which is why to ensure accountability. I've asked for the State Bureau of Investigation to handle everything way will cooperate with their work

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