A highlight from BK Previews NFL Draft & Falcons No. 4 Pick with Carl Dukes


The broncos daily. Putt jazzed with brandon krisztal. I want everything i want. All the meatballs and pasta. Thursday broncos country almost felt like a normal pre-draft thursday and broncos country week before the draft because we got to go to ucla. Training center in talk with george peyton sort of face to face socially distant on the turf at the pat and field house so i was sitting probably about the twenty yard line. Give or take and georgia sitting. I don't know ten feet in front of me at a podium. If you go to my twitter feed you'll see some of the video and some of the audio that you'll hear coming up in just a little bit is from is from george today at the podium but i i posted some clips and also you can find it on. Koa's website too. If you read the story. I wrote about georgia's first pre-draft presser and look we know it's all about the quarterback so We will hear his thoughts on the quarterback in the quarterback position. in general. why we're going to see five. Qb's maybe go in the top five almost certainly in the top ten here in this upcoming draft a week from today. We're gonna talk to my man. Carl dukes get the latest on the falcons picking it four tomorrow. We will preview what the bengals have gone on with the fifth. Pick but let's hear from george peyton. This was his opening statement. He sat down and this is how he began his press conference a week before his first draft as gm. It's an exciting week. Obviously with the draft a week from today so we're excited everyone in the buildings excited. I've really been unhappy. I've really been happy with our draft preparation you know. It's been a collaborative effort with vic john myself. The college scouts the pro scouts of the coaches and really everyone in the building. It's been an all hands on deck approach. It's been a lot of good energy in the building. People will get to the work early. Stay in late so impressed with the whole building and the work they put in and we're excited for the draft where we're picking a number nine. I really like it. I think we filled enough needs in free agency where we don't have to reach for a player. We can take the best player within reason. We have the flexibility to move up. We can move back. We have nine picks we have three picks in the i seventy five. So we're really excited. If we stand pat we think we'll get an impact player at number nine so we're looking forward do it. We feel are in prime position to upgrade our football team and with that. I'm happy to take your questions. And as i wrote on the keighley broncos page. When i wrote the blog post about what george said the one thing that you get there and i said he would say this. Very john elway asked. This is something john we said. Every year we state our pick. We can move up or we can move down. That's what john said every year. And you heard george peyton say. He likes where they are at nine. They could move up or they could move down. And so i think when you look at their options you also george say Because he was asked. Did you move up or rather have you made any calls move up. He said we have not made calls to move up. But we have received calls about moving back sell interesting to get that piece of info and it's one of those things where you wonder if a team's going to call them about would you be interested in seven or six or five or four. Will they make a call between now and next week. They don't wanna give their handed teams behind him or maybe they went teams a jump on so player. They really like being there but a player that they know won't be there nine But is likely in that four or five range will be gone to help. Slide the board down when it comes to quarterback. There's plenty of people speculating. And i even asked georgia about the idea that people are already know. What the broncos wanna do. He did say they read every mock draft But that it is amusing as it amusing when some sale. The broncos are definitely doing this other quarterback needy. They're doing this. Here's what he said though about the competition aspect and bringing in somebody to compete with drew. Lock which is something i would say. They haven't done to this point and there's plenty of mocks out there that will say hey trailer nine you gotta grab them a field desert nine even mag jones that you have to take one of these guys to compete with drew lock. But this is. George paid on quarterback competition. Yeah you're right it. It's really important to see these guys in person. the days are really important for us now. We weren't allowed to meet with them in person and get them on the board. You miss a little bit of that but when you get an hour with them on a zoom you you'd be amazed you can get him on the board you can send materials beforehand and have them studied and then take them through it. So there's a lot of things. Coaches are creative scouts or creative and i just think he'd just you know you just need to to keep trying to figure out different ways to get to know these players but the zooms actually have been beneficial. You can have more of them here at the combine. You get fifteen minutes to try to figure out. And that's impossible. And so like i said we've had a number of zoom calls and it's been very beneficial. We you know the whole staff. The college staff is like we've we've hit most the days as well. You get a different field. They're just watching a guy live. You know how he how he competes position. Does

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