Oakland Athletics Extend Winning Streak to 11 Games


The oakland athletics are rolling. But any winning streak usually contains at least one comeback. Maybe two or yesterday the as pull up one of the best comebacks. You're going to see this year against the twins. The two sides hammered away at each other for nine innings. Lead changing hands repeatedly. It was ten all going into extra innings and then in the top of the tenth inning byron buxton came to the plate of the twins first pitch swing a fly ball left center field and deep beckett goes deep. It goes and gone adding to that day. What was good is now even better a tenth inning. Two run blast from buxton and the twins have a twelve ten lead in the tent at the coliseum court on the treasure island baseball network so the twins you feeling good about it at that point Salvaging the last game of this series than oakland. Athletics loaded the bases against alex column. May of the tenth inning two outs and this happened here comes the old one pitch weekly hit on the right side to his left. The rookie bubbles it drops it does blakenhorn kicks it. Everybody is safe chap at his home. It's a twelve game so oakland with a faint heartbeat. Dad point he thought the game was over. but no ramon on came to the plate. Had a heck cabinet bad. He's fallon off. Pitches left and right and then this happened and the one to swung bounce. The third base arise has it across the field. He throws away. He throws it away as one at capital hall to errors in the by. Wins at the as winning streak. Is that eleven incredible

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