George W. Bush on Need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Former President George W. Bush. Who has mostly stayed out of politics. After the White House has re emerged with criticism off Donald Trump is he advocates for a sharply different immigration policy from Trump. Mr. Bush sat down with CBS News correspondent Norah O'Donnell to talk about immigration and his new book of paintings Out of many one Portrait's of America's immigrants. Deep in the Heart of Texas is the former president, 1600 Acre Ranch. Come on in where he's mixing his new passion for painting. It's an issue he's cared about four decades immigrant Shin. The problem with the immigration debate. Is that it it one can create a lot of fear. Yeah, they're coming after you. The former president hopes his voice makes that debate less fearful. After four years of anti immigration rhetoric more than two decades ago, George W. Bush rat is a compassionate conservative who wanted to pass comprehensive immigration reform. His failure to do so, he said, is one of his greatest regrets and part of the reason he is rejoining the

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