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Mr cam marston. Thank you for coming on the show. Delighted to be here honored for the invitation. Some of what you think you do. Oh that's a great question. what i think. That's a great angle on this. Most of my time is spent studying the demographic trends that are shaping the workplace in the marketplace and i studied these trends and then convert them into things that my clients can utilize to do their jobs better for example the best way to understand it is for example. Tomorrow i've got a program. A webinar for the american bankers association. They're question is how do we gain more young consumers in our marketplace. They're under banked. So what do we need to know cam about the young consumer so that we can best market to them and speak to them. Inter personally when are bankers. Go out on the road and talk to customers. What do we need to know about them. So we gather the information on the market that they're targeting in organize it into seminars and workshops. some of them are boilerplate things for example. We've got what used to be a half day. Leadership training program on leading multigenerational teams. We work with people on how to do that which we can do for nearly anybody. But some of the others are very specific to the market that we're targeting talking to for example this american bankers association webinar tomorrow or an upcoming program for a defense contractor. That is diversity focused but they're looking for a different angle on. They've asked us to collect the information and bring it to them. So what. I think i do is this. I gather the information. And then i organize it in a way that it's palatable. Demographics is not typically a sexy topic. But i organize it and delivered in such a way that it's palatable for the listener or the participant to gain something from it to enjoy it and most importantly to do something with the content change of behavior that will make them a little bit more effective. The radio show the podcast. The alabama public radio commentaries our labors of love. I've enjoyed doing them for years and will continue to do them as long as they'll let me but the bills are paid through the research in the seminar work that we do people throw out the terms. Can you define them for me. What's a an. What am i fifty. Five okay here. We go born between nineteen forty-six one thousand nine hundred. Sixty four is the baby boom generation by year. Nineteen sixty five to one thousand nine hundred. Seventy nine generation xer. I'm an xer nineteen eighty to a roughly ninety five to two thousand. There's no clear closed. Date is the millennial generation and since them and on. This planet are the engine z. Said there's four. There's five if you include previous generation older than the matures but in the workplace in marketplace today the primary ones are those four boomers experts millennials and gen z. What's been you most astonishing. Finding when i began the research. There was a lot of accusation. That job turnover. Job hopping was highest in generation access. Young people as they entered the workplace. That was then overcome by the millennials. Who were had. Even i hire job hopping rate however we dug deep and we found that the baby boom generation. Who is the one making the accusations pointing. Their fingers actually had the same amount of job hopping at younger ages. So they were coming from a position of holier than thou but once we look deep into it we saw we. We were able to say no. You baby boomers you were just like them back in the day which leads to a kind of one of the premises of the research that we do as these are generational characteristics that we can study but there are also a lot of life stages that all generations share one of those life stages is coming into the workplace finding a job that makes you happy that often includes job hopping in its goes across generation. There's not one better than another see. I love millennials. Actually do anybody. That's smart enough to do eight hours worth of work in six hours. Should we paid for eight hours yet. You yeah i agree. There's a lot of hope. In the millennial generation in regards to the future of nearly everything the nation politics whatever workplace. I had an accountant working for me. One time stay with me about three years and since then she has stayed every job about two and a half three years. Yeah but she's better herself. Every single time there is a undoubtedly a very clear trend in that millennial generation of being able to move jobs to better themselves whether it be through pay or new experiences that will matter down.

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