A highlight from The Talking Dead (Saul and the Witch)


At this time saul was the king the top dog the head show however he didn't actually feel a large and in charge he had a battle to fight against the phyllis teams that he didn't actually think he can win. That army was big and scary and he didn't know he was up for the challenge. So so turn to god to get a fix on how to handle the dilemma. He tried all the usual methods to reach. God including cindy adm a divine message. But god totally left him on. Reed got an saul. how shall we say. This strange relationships saul made some poor choices. As god's chosen king unsure of what to do next so said to his servants no choice. Send for me a woman that is a medium. Yes a witch. The sermon knew that saul had previously outlawed witchcraft and sent them packing. Buddy new friend of a friend who the dog belonged to the cousin of medium. So he timidly said to his master. I know which at indoor saul shot back indoor. Isn't that a galaxy far far away. No actually it's kind of in the galley region again. Take me there immediately. But before travelling there saul put on a disguise. it would be a really off. Coordin- culture if the king showed up to request the services of a medium the same group of people that he had vanished saul put on a fake moustache fake glasses and changed his fence. He rose four less fancy ropes yet even in disguise he was not going to slip into those off brand robes by no means with the servant leading the way he traveled to indoor arriving there at night. He knocked on her door. A woman answered the door. If you are here for not walks. I'll let shooting now. We don't have any of those here. No no i. Won't you to divine spirit that i will name bring him up from the dead. She ushered him inside now. Now you got to be crazy easy. Haven't you heard that. So all the mediums and neck. Romances if i do that i could be killed and i still have so many things to do on my bucket list software chuckle too. So yes i know what that devilish lee handsome saw guys down. But i swear to you the lord that no harm will

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