Leaving Your Comfort Zone with Helen Wu (AsianBossGirl)

First of All


And excited to have helen on my podcast and You guys will get to hear the story once a dive into the episode. But before that. I just want to check in with all of you guys and Said you my love and hope that you're staying safe and healthy. I am just at about my one year. Mark starting this whole fiasco life style of isolation and quarantine and it is. It is wild you guys. I cannot believe it's already been almost a year and we've all been dealing with challenges and uncertainty and stress of all kinds for the last year or more so. Just send you guys a lot of love and Encouraging you guys to do your best to stay vigilant to keep wearing your mask be responsible when it comes to socializing and yeah. Get your vaccine when you can. No i believe in science. Go get your vaccine. Hopefully we can get back into seeing each other and traveling and doing all the things that we missed so much. but let's do it responsibly. Let's take care of each other and take care of ourselves. Okay so love you hugs will will get through this so helen. Helen wu is chinese american. She was born and raised in boston massachusetts. She's a transplant. And she's one third of the asian boss girl podcast Her co host are mellon janet. Three of them have an amazing platform where they were sharing their journeys working in finance tack and media and balancing their corporate careers with dating and just living that that twenty thirty something life and figuring things out and so they have been an amazing force on being a platform to share asian american women and men men and their stories Just have reached honesty so many different people around the world. it's incredible to see their growth and helen has become a friend over the last few years that i just. I just treasure so much. She is alight and she's so much Just generous and wanting to help others and be herself and working on that. And that's not a small feet right guys. We're all working on that. So just really honored that. She took the time to be on first of all. And i hope you guys get a lot out of this conversation on leaving comfort zones because has left her corporate job and she's now managing a bg as a media company and her and her co hosts are doing that full-time which is absolutely mind boggling and incredible so that amongst many other things. She has taken many twists and turns in her life as we all have and it's great to hear her journey and to just kind of commiserate and be there for one another in light of the fact that it's women's history month so we all know that there are so many incredible women out there and it's honestly my honor and my part of my purpose to share their stories and to shed light on. How strong Ambitious creative resilience and innovative and hardworking and three dimensional. We are we all are. It's just it's honestly a joyous like wile of first of all and it's awesome for me to have the space for even myself to figure out who i am and doing a real time on air with all of you all over the world so yeah this is just. It's really special. And i hope that you know we. We celebrate this month but to me. Every day is like women's history every day. women are incredibly valuable. I do think that there is a gross undervaluing of who we are All over the world. So let's keep loving on our women. Give them the respect and praise and value that they deserve and that we deserve. And you know together. We'll make the world a better place. Sorry to get cheesy but i mean it also please stay tuned because the ultra music. This week is provided by run river north. It's their new single called spiders. And i frigging love it. It's awesome and Yeah of the to enjoy it so without further ado here is episode. One forty leaving your comfort zone with helen. Move from asian. Bosco enjoy came in eighty eight with a stream. Most i new okay. I don't know about you guys in your snack habits. But i'm a very big chip fiend k. If it's salty and it's crunchy. I love it. And there's something about asian chips and asian snacks that just hits home in a completely different way and i'm very excited because irvine salted chips are now available in the united states. I i had. Irvine's i think about four years ago when my friend gave me a salmon skin chip no one. I saw the bag. I was like. Oh my god is hell asian. But needing me i was like give it to me. That sounds delicious. And i tried it and i found out why their tagline is hashtag dangerously addictive because they are and now singapore's number one snack. We don't have to smuggle it from asia anymore. Like are moths or like my mom when she has to smuggle. Nc weeden anchovies from korea whenever she goes there. We don't have to do that anymore. It is available stateside and they have another flavor called the salted egg chip in guys they use actual real salted duck egg yolks and fresh curry leaves and red pepper. Like this is not powder flavoring. They actually bake all these real ingredients into the chip because they treat these chips like a culinary

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