Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross shares his life story


American stories and with the story of an American classic Stephen Ross is the largest real estate developer in America, the owner of the Miami Dolphins. And he shared his life story with our own Alex Cortez. Stephen Ross is a Detroiter born and bred until his parents dragged him against his will. Midway through his freshman year of high school from Miami Beach, Florida hated it down there, actually. And I kind of rebelled against my parents and E got toe little trouble. I mean, I mean, I suppose is studying, you know, go out. Quick. Give me a little bit, You know, I mean, I had a you know everything but study even though my parents really Try to be strict. You know, my father lectured all the time. As opposed because he was working and then he'd lecture me. I guess it didn't do any good, You know, but its ultimate I guess it's something e. I don't know. E wanted to get out of there. I went toe. My parents said. Well, if you're gonna leave, you don't want to go to school here. You have to go to military school. It's fed about four days of military schools that I go back to school, you know? And e talk to most of my friends. I mean, probably my background was probably different than most, because I've never excelled early in life, and I was We got into college because they had to accept me because I had a standardized test that I Scored well enough that the school had to take you and they flunked out two thirds of the freshman class. They tell you looking at left and looking. You're right. The person sitting next you won't be here next year and So you know, kind of a wake up call. But I also knew if I wanted something we didn't I wasn't doing anything for my parents. I wasn't left anything and they had nothing to give me. You know, so I knew Where was you know is either sink or swim? And then when I got to college, that's when I really kind of started to be able to do well to receive Florida then so I could transfer to Michigan and then law school and then I got my masters in tax law. Which I excelled in, and it's probably the best year of school I ever had. That really had found something enjoyed. It always get good marks. If I liked it, you know, I didn't like the subject. I didn't do very well. Confidence. I mean, you know, you have to first find your confidence. That you can succeed and do something well, Excel. Continue on me, as they say Success breeds success. Mean, teachers told my parents. They were wasting time sending me to college, which is really kind of funny, right when I look back at it now, So I mean, I look at myself I was the way it started. Life because it Probably spread about the least likely to succeed in my ass school class, you know? So you tell me how much teachers don't wouldn't so the environment of which were brought up on me Even when your parents As much as my parents emphasized that and I could see things Was really later that I really saw things a lot more clearly, you know, after getting his master's degree it and why you Stephen went back to his hometown to work in an accounting firm as a tax attorney. I was doing very well practicing law on it. You know, certain places really kind of funny. It's kind of impulsive. I'm in my office one day was, in fact, I remember I could still picture Was June's thing was true. Seven through 2/9 in 1968. The night before Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, and I'd watch it that night. And that next day you're wondering the life that you never know when it's over and thinking about that, you know, he was a relatively young guy and partner walks in my office and asked me If I want to go Toe seven are in New York said You know what? Haven ever thought about it, is it? I want to go. I think I want to go to New York for good. It's a matter of fact, I'm quitting a moving to New York. Never entered my mind. It never would. From my mind too. You know, I'm gonna think about leaving and I even thought about leaving. It just came up. I mean, like this so impulsive. Sometimes we don't even know ourselves. No, What's really what's going out? So you've been brought in the senior partner and may you know Steve's quit. He's leaving New York. You know, guys What I mean, Steve, you're doing great. Here. You're gonna be a partner here and blah, blah, blah. But I got bored and I could see how I was tailing off in my bite. That was just ready for something and that Z parked it. About me even thinking about it. You know, it's a lot of things you know, like we think we're in control of We're not necessarily in control of what we really don't know. It takes something takes a spark. For something to happen. I've told my mother, you don't know anybody in New York. I said, Hey, you know, I went there. I loved it. And, you know stories. If you could make it there, you can make it anywhere. Blah, blah, blah and off. I went and

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