Bonus Episode: Inside Steph's all-women group chat


And just introduce everyone to start. Hilary rosen one of the most extraordinary voices of influence in crisis management. Pr as well to cnn contributor. Amanda cats who mos most recently with cnn in their investigations team. She is currently the author of an intriguing subject known as the interpreter. I highly recommend it. Tammy hadad veteran tv. Superstar from both cnn nbc. She is now a media consultant and kara swisher host of not one but two podcasts sway and pivot. Thank you all so much for being here. You are my group chat. I as a rule do not have group chats. I find them to be too risky too dangerous. Because i don't necessarily trust or no everyone on it as heidi cruise learned from hers. But i wanna talk to you all about how important it is in life as women professional women to have sort of this not women's network but to have real women friends hillary i turned to you. I think it's in a in a way. It's everything right because particularly this past year. I've noticed that a man does actually about this. I noticed that there are so many moments where you know. I lived inside my head because i was isolated and i wasn't in my regular life and having the outlet of the five of you to talk to on the phone on down on chat it. I actually don't know that. I could have got through this year without you. Guys amplifies everything that i've experienced in my professional life. This year was sort of the culmination of that. Amanda when we hear people talk about girlfriends they often think like a coffee clutch. A moms group gossiping. But how much of an impact does it have on your life professionally to have this group of brutally honest women who also love and care about your success professionally question. I think that you guys actually are kinder than you are brutally honest. I don't feel like the function of the group chat to like truly call you out except when it comes to my love life. Your guys are all brutal and to me. It's been very very welcome. Immunised as hillary was just saying this has been a really challenging year. I think in terms of lack of access to friends for me. I compounded that by moving to a new city right at the start of the pandemic. i also have a small baby by summer. I left my job. That i've been on for several years and the combination of those things has made it like more important than ever to have these kinds of connections. You know i will say like when. I hear the word girlfriends i of course you know i think of something a little more romantic just because of where i'm coming from and you know my other group chats are a pretty coed actually this is i think the only one that i can think of. That's all women. But there's something about women who are really looking outreach and have others best interests at heart and also had a sense of humor also are there to debate discuss and gossip at can move from the light to the serious seamlessly. I think that is such an important thing right now and especially when. I'm not seeing those people in person. I haven't for the last year. You know with few exceptions. It's felt really critical to have that outlet. Tammy talk about what changes we've seen think about the beginning of your career. I remember for me when i started. In investment banking. there was no women's mafia in fact they were so few women. It was much more. Like i had to scratch and climb my way here. You know. good luck you find your way on your own. It has changed so much at this point. That if you're not a woman who stands with other women. You're the outsider. Do you think that's changed just even having that many women in the room but you know this is all very lost utah. I miss seeing all of you and the horrified. Look on your face when we talk about someone or something. This is so great that we can see each other stephanie. This is what we're missing in real life. Did that person actually do that. Person that i've worked with for twenty years. Actually say that mccall. Everyone gone crazy. Has this pandemic really tip us over and as such a reminder that just being able to tell your friends about it and bounced off them and think about things a different way. I think people are interested in other opinions and look at all of us here. Even though you guys are usually wrong. And i m right shar- okay. Whatever i just like the visceral. Sharon of all the good and all the bad of the be able to run things by my friends big sure. I haven't gone stark raving that cara for someone who doesn't know you. They might not know that you have an informal women's network mafia behind you that stands behind you. That talks you through things i mean. You're a very outspoken independent person. And i'm not sure an outsider would know you've got a group chat chat you up every day. Yes they do. But i have a lot of group chats that you don't know about and there are definitely rafter they actually. I have very different group chats. Thank so i think it's important to have to like have like when something happens and you want to quick reaction depending so i'm really interested in this idea of how through the pandemic like this idea of what will stick in walt. But this idea of reaching out to people that is an analogue which has been happening past two decades. But where does it evolve to so you see like the clubhouse. Which is i'm trying to figure out what's right about it and actually this idea of being alone and then being able to reach out and just listen to people talk. It's not unlike talk. Radio was not unlike group chats or something like that is a really interesting one. At and so i think tax plays into that because you can do quickly. It's not twitter where you're just have nine hundred people responding to you but i don. I don't think that's what this is. All that's performative house and people on most of it on twitter there. They're all speaking to an audience that they're not selecting that they're you know they're trying to present themselves to the world and i do think despite caras desperate desire never to need anyone or demonstrate that no person that she's talking to the most important person in her life which is why should this is us even to our face. The group chat that we have you know. We obviously all have other friends. But there's something out a dear friends than and take who will call you on your show. Who will hold up a mirror while they still are the most supportive people in the world and rooting for your success. And i think that you hear differently like we're all you know public people and we're all subject to criticism and i think when you hear critique and engagement from somebody really trust. I trust you guys. I listened to a differently. And i think that that's a hallmark. Really of kind of the connection. What's funny that we should know. More about are group's japanese will tax each other. People were fine and then he gets to the point that somebody calls someone else and then we're on the found right. Correct the tipping points that you have to get the person on the phone with all of a sudden. What did you say. Yeah it's usually for clarification of extremely offensive content always from you. I haven't a slightly offensive may be unpopular opinion. But i do. It's a red flag for me in terms of never trust. A woman doesn't have girlfriends. Because i think who you surround yourself your girlfriends do make you better and smarter. Is that in your opinion. Amanda an important thing is when it goes directly back to. Hillary was when you think about people's public actions or hubris. It often makes me think. Where's the person's girlfriend. Where's her mother. Where's their sister. Where someone's shaking them saying.

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