SURVIVED: Elizabeth Smart

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It's just before four in the morning on june. Fifth two thousand two when ed smart is jolted awake by his nine year old daughter. Mary catherine who is absolutely frantic. Saying someone took elizabeth now. It takes his second to kind of you to shake off the sweep and at first. He's like what is happening here. But mary catherine just says it again. A man came in and took elizabeth a man with a gun initially et is like this can't possibly be right. Mary catherine must have had a bad dream. They're going to find elizabeth. Here's somewhere in the house. I mean it. Wasn't that uncommon actually for elizabeth who is five years older to get fed up with mary catherine kicking or tossing and turning whatever and find another spot to sleep for the rest of the night usually the couch. But ed checks the couch and she's not there. Ed checks all through their utah home. The living room. The bedrooms closets bathrooms everywhere and she's nowhere to be found and mary. Catherine really doesn't sound like a kid waking up. From a bad dream she sounds wide awake wide awake and scared. And that's around the time. Lowest makes a discovery that brings all of the chaos of the last several minutes into sharp. Focus the kitchen window. Someone had cut through the screen of their kitchen window and a side door off of the kitchen is now unlocked. But ed knew that he had locked that door before he went to bed. Ed calls nine one one and immediately springs into action calling family and friends and neighbors and anyone that he can think of who might be able to help find. Elizabeth police arrive within about ten minutes of this and by the time they get there. The house is already starting to fill up with people. Ready to help. We're talking ed's family lowest. His family their friends neighbors. Like i said they were calling. Everyone even people from their church. I mean but the house is a crime scene. Right we're police able to get what they needed for. Like physical evidence before people started arriving and disrupting everything so it is a crime scene. Yes and this is one part of this story where there are conflicting accounts of how this really went down. I mean in a two thousand seventeen. A documentary called elizabeth. Smart autobiography police. Say that ed's first calls that morning actually went to family and friends like before he called nine one one yet but ed and other members of the smart family say absolutely not the case at definitely called nine one one. I either way. According to the book in plain sight which was actually written by. Ed's brother tom smart. Police don't actually start restricting access to the house until close to seven. Am and by that time. Three hours had passed. A ton of people had been in and out so from a crime scene perspective. This is definitely contaminated for sure but contaminated or not. They are able to piece together a theory about what happened that night. Thanks in a big way to mary. Catherine sometime around two a m. An intruder cut the screen on that kitchen. Window the window. That is right above the sink. They climbed through a ten inch opening. Walked up to the second level of the house into the girls room woke up elizabeth and then walked her

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