NFL cuts expected to be a ‘massacre,’ ‘bloodbath’ next week

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We are on the fringe. We're nearing free agency. Actually just read a very interesting to tweet about a nfl coach. Saying that next week was gonna be a bloodbath. with the cap situation Do the covid that it's going to be a very interesting year. A lot of people are going to be getting cut prior to free agency to free up room. So we'll see what happens In you know the free agents were talking about might not even be like the big guys you know we end up signing at the end of the day so one big name we have been talking about and you specifically talked about this guy. Quite a bit is joni From new england the patriots are not going to use the franchise on him again. They can't do it. They they're cap situation would allow forward. I believe but with what you end up making the second time around. It really doesn't make any sense to them. As i was listening to boston. Sports radio their day like they were talking about that. Very topic so loonies. He's a big name. being fans. Love is a big often. Attack was out there And they've got to think about bringing their own guys. Back to william jackson in kara lawson entering free agency. So that's a big big names in some big money right there. What what can really afford to do. So that you you hit the list You hit you hit the big players. They're they have of course two big guys. Internally that are scheduled to be free agents in jackson and lawson one of those may end up getting the franchise tag. Probably the non-exclusive. If i had a bad at this point i'd probably say it's carl lawson and and we don't know the exact figures yet but they'll come out soon what the values will be But it's based position and since deandre get paid a little bit more than corners. Speed deanne tag is going to be a little higher. But i think that's a cost of the bengals are willing to take just to avoid the risk of losing carl. Potentially at an already weakened spot you know masterpass russia's spin has been existent Especially last year And i think room on bengals dot com had a couple of comments today from an article today saying they're looking to shore up the pass rush and he didn't mention actually edge rusher cement of course interior pressure which was good to see liu mentioned and we can talk about some interior linemen. Who are going to be on the market that could provide some interior. Pass rush to collapse the pocket if you will but to your question about what. They can't afford i. There is a way for them to structure these contracts with the amount of space that they have available. Of course we don't know what official cap will be just like we don't know what the tag amounts are going to be. We don't really know the final numbers quite yet. We know the cap can't go below one eighty But let's assume it stays right at that floor. I been under the working on the assumption that it's going to creep up to one eighty five rather optimistically but who knows if it gets that high. Is you mentioned kobe. Kobe tope took all essentially all the local revenues that these teams generated and made it two zero for almost all of them. There are some teams based on the cities and state. They were in that allowed some attendance. That really you know. It was a small percentage of what a normal season would be. So they're sitting in a good spot. Relatively speaking in terms of current cap space. There are about thirty seven million once you account for the almost eleven million. They rolled over last year. So at that point if they just stay there. They're they're currently line to be seventh most in cap space and that's a lot to work with in terms just resigning those guys internally and then going out on the market for tuning type of player ariba some more mid tier guys in the bond bell mold last year. You know a more of a modest deal where you get a lot of value in that regard but if they ended up staying put without making cuts and being seventh and cap space that gives them a lot of flexibility. But i think to your earlier point. We are gonna start seeing a lot more cut. We started seeing some today. There were some report. I think gave jackson the right guard for the raiders is not. There's a report that they they're looking to trade their right tackle trent brown. If they can't find a trade partner they'll likely cut him too. So the market's going to be flooded. It's going to be starting to be flooded. It's going to be even more so and on the bengals and they're likely to make some calm cap cuts. They don't need to make them because they have plenty of room. But just the value is not there to keep some of these guys on the books. You know the names. Bobby heart which will save just under five point nine million. Bj phinney will save three and a quarter million with no dead money and then of course geno atkins. We've talked about the gino situation Pretty at length and the question will be whether they released him. Post june one or or designated or releasing prior to june one or designate him or our releasing post you one which adds a little bit more savings to it but if you cut those three guys even if you don't cut gino with a post june one designation that adds about nine million in addition In additional cap space. So if you had that. Nineteen to thirty seven. Obviously naira almost sixty million and fifty six million give or take And that would baltim- in the top five of capital so they have a lot of flexibility to enter the long-term extensions with both their internal free and to go out on the market and signs of sizeable Upgrades hopefully on the offense line and positions that they they really need to

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