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Patron for letters. One dollar per month and you access to two bonus episodes per week recorded and delivered only for pitcher subscribers. If you wanna get a little bit deeper into some topics you know maybe speaking some more taboo things than definitely get involved and get involved over down that side. What you waiting for. Get involved there today. So how's it going. How are you hope. You a well wherever you may be On this fateful day that you hear my suv invoice coming out. You'd live and direct. What's been happening lately. Nothing much really marked. The morbid Year anniversary sensor being lockdown uk. Probably the same wherever you may be which is not the best thing to celebrate is not clear is a birthday. It's an anniversary of any. It's not like a good adversary source is one of those mobile things that you probably don't wanna remember again them pretty much. I guess akin a little bit to what happened to the twin towers when that tragedy happened right nine eleven. There were a few really big. Large-scale scale for memorials of dance. Kind of you know. Remember the ones that were unfortunately passed away. Gernot pay for day and then soon will as time went by. Imagine the families just like you know. What would you want to our. Julio private things imagine doing stuff on this scale replaying agrees. The public is just too much. And i guess if this because it's just been so obviously this grief-stricken because i'm sure people have lost valuable member of their family friends or whatever colleagues but ever been so it's been so dull glummer just great loss for unity's be reminded of some horrendous. Boring grey outfit worn out one day. We kind just want to catalog it back into the recess of your mind but we have to remember these things. Mark them down some sort of thing and hopefully the going forward is that we don't repeat the same mistakes so we try not to do whatever we did now under in this position which probably wasn't out full for them as well as didn't have any say innis depress on really pushing the politicians in meaningful way. Which has been really disappointing. If i have to be honest watching some of the press conferences and seeing how easy and lightly the journalist trade around the politicians when the meant to be grilling him and ask him questions holding them to account instead of you have. This is weird exchange. Where for the most part. They're just trying to catch them out. They're trying to do those. Really with gotcha moments. They're trying to make sure this person slips up and says something in a minute ceo miss speaks whatever may be but there's nothing in terms of being the voice for the public because for the most part the public doesn't give a shit that somebody you turn on this or whatever. I don't really care if anything. We want to know candies. People be held to account for the stuff that they said themselves right. So if it's like if we turned about numbers going to open this poverty economy backup again. Cool will we're here now. What's going to happen. that doesn't get asked instead. It's just known since off. The nuns is often nonesense. I'm just happy that they've stopped. Being reports of politicians breaking down rules member. A thing those happening like every week somebody was getting pulled for saying one thing and then do the. I'm just that's currently because the degen's just you know they will obsessed with finding people that were hypocrites when we're all hypocrites right rule do this. I think you know as much as be once. Judge these people. I'm sure if we position that they were where you basically have caught blanche. Do exactly what you want and you never get reprimanded. that's that's interesting poverty. Right gentlest politicians. They never actually face any consequence to the areas of their work. Nothing like journalists could lucky potato. Lorenzo can go out there and try and find the smoking gun right. Try and find the clip of using something really bad in the chat rooms on. Think to get you to lose your job. But then when they discovered that she was you know essentially lying or she. Did we such a story properly and put out an incorrect Of information that could of course. Your job doesn't apologize hundreds on come into question. Same costa politicians. They can say what they want. Never deliver on their promises and nothing really happens to them apart from you. May maybe facing the consequences of what they've done when it comes to election right. It's just such as i guess. Maybe that's why they're like marriage-made-in-heaven they kind of serve each other in that respect punishes journalists regard unfortunately i has regular civilians where the ones that have to saw bed brenton way to ones that. Have to kind of Bed consequences of the fact that which is being led very very slowly down this reopening phase and things seemed to begin better number seemed to be going with it should be going and down. Cases are going down. Deaths are going down but there's really no roof speeding up the process of the same methodical approach. And who knows maybe in general this makes sense. You know we we. We really didn't do well. In the beginning of this whole thing complain really because summer lush complete messin heading into the winter was even worse and the whole debacle with given us a five day. Brilliant christmas was just. You know something eat. You don't wanna think about you wanna fight a window at a four of that being an actual suggestion so the fact that we've been in this position at the moment where we've kind of got vaccines you know into vaccines out there.

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