A highlight from How Voyager changed American politics forever!


On your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the omega particle streaming to the alpha quadrant in beyond beyond. Here's your host. The anchorman of the federation the doctor of lithium. This is jonathan began. Welcome to the show. We are streaming across the fruited plane. Bet is known as the alpha quadrant. I'm your host. And i welcome to the program today. You're guiding beacon of light in this troubled time. My name is jonathan weekend with talent on loan from god. We can officially say that. Not all podcasts can make it to their one year anniversary which ours was am i am. I saying this right. It was last month but we missed it because we were right. We are in the. Do you wanna say something. The folks because i know you've never talked to. You might say something it's okay. She's shy don't worry about luna she will maybe on the show. One day we are in thirty seven episodes downloading from over fifty countries over forty states. I want to know just how thankful and appreciative of listener out there. And i could not do this without you. Hearing your stories and getting interact with some of you guys is so much fun. I absolutely love it. But at the same time i love to podcast and today's episode will blow your mind. It is amazing. I know sometimes people always say like. Oh well this influenced this. This changed the world. But you clicked on this episode. Because you're curious my friend. And don't worry i got you baby. I mean before we get into. I want to go off. In a little retrospect to crazy this past year has been for me personally. Gas started in my basement. And then i moved out all over the house and to find that perfect studio in the now. We're back in the bunker. I've started a new job. I had a son talk about life. Changing life is so good. So there's any delay in the podcasting format that is why. But i will promise you it is well worth the wait as you will see in. Just a little word of advice. Life is such a precious thing we must always hold on to it especially in these times. I mean we're just hopefully coming out of a pandemic which i know if you haven't gone back in her sign up please. Do they are safe. I don't care what anybody says. they are safe. Maybe that astrazeneca but anyway we're not going to get into that here. That's not way came. Your baby came in for that. Groundbreaking star trek. And that's what papa john. The doctor to lithium is going to give you because we have got a show for you. Today are ready to roll. Let's roll that beautiful. Bean footage luna fund will now commence developing this entire episode. I originally was gonna do kind of like that new marvel show like the would if you know what if picard really did become like a statistician and not a captain and and what if reicher chair normally so but i didn't want to go down that venue it's been done and it's been hashed and so it was like what i heard this story somewhere and it's just kind of a piece of dodge known for a while and i was like that my friend is going to be my great new episode because you will be shocked. So and it's kind of going off of the paul harvey kind of radio programs profiles encourage the story type of style. So it's going to be a little bit different but it's also still going to be very interested in. Don't worry it does circle back to track in. It does involve track. The whole concept is how do you get. Voyager that will reshape american politics for all time. How does one. Upn show transforming american politics to this berry day. Now if you know you know and now you know mr president just kidding you will like the research in the depth. The kind of exposes. So it's going to be a little bit different. Just want to preface that but it was a lot of fun to research. And i'm going to say this. You will know the rest of the story like i mentioned how does star trek. Voyager change the world forever. Not just in american politics but the world and the tail to me really enforces. It's important who you marry folks. It's important who you marry you. May you wanna make sure you marry the right person and the right time not to rush into it. Because this tale involve sex clubs corporate payoffs and one of pop culture's super nova's of the late nineties early

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