Man took 6 guns, body armor into Publix at Atlantic Station


Old old man man is is jailed jailed on on nearly nearly a a dozen dozen felony felony charges, charges, including including criminal criminal attempt attempt to to commit commit aggravated aggravated assault assault after after being being spotted spotted with with an an A A R R 15 15 in in a a bathroom bathroom stall stall at Atlantic Stations. Public's Atlanta police say when Rico Marley walked out of the public's bathroom he had on body armor and had a bag with a ski mask and six fully love. Did chambered pistols, ar 15 and 12 gauge shotgun, WSB legal analyst Bill Holloway notes. While officers haven't revealed any statements by Marley, they're relying on circumstantial evidence. Specifically a witness who, according to police thinks he may have heard him loading those weapons in the bathroom. And if you add to that the manner in which he was dressed, a reasonable person might conclude that he was there to commit a mass shooting. Veronica Waters 95.5 WSB WSB

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