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Heroin welcome to the new media. Show my name. is todd cochran. And of course. I'm joined by my co host mr rob greenlee and yes. We are working on the audio so For those of you. That are Have been sending us comments about the audio. Yes we realize we have no control on our guest they come on from clubhouse and we've been working on rob's audio too so i don't know what it is rob some change. You know when you went from the mackey mixer to the road caster and it just. We have may find the happy balance yet. Well i also just Upgraded the The clubhouse room to high quality audio mallow lee. That makes a difference. I i don't know i think it has a lot to do with whoever may be coming up and speaking as well. They're they're not on a mike and they're on their phone and we're going to get phone quality no matter no matter what but so i just. I wanted to start things off today. I i made a conclusion last night. I need to start a podcast and it's going to be called podcast rescue taught. Did you notice the The name that i gave to this episode on clubhouse it's basically you media show live podcast needing help well. There is a very talked about it. There's a pandemic of advice. Given after six or seven times it turns into bad advice and it's not advices said multiple times doesn't make it better advice. Yeah and there you go again. I don't know why it sounds like you're over driven to me. I don't know. Maybe is your voice trump lear Oh yeah i down more. I don't know if it's if that's the issue to be honest with ya but we'll maybe we need to play around a little bit. But yes so. I had a whole bunch of response actually put that on facebook last night and i had like twenty people. Say great idea do the show and I do right so it just it just goes on and on and on because you you hate to be that guy and it happens in facebook forums and you just cur- you know. It's not just bad. Advice is being given everywhere and it's a pile on effect of people that have been taught things said and just sometimes just shutter award i i guess. That's that's why maybe a scholley comes up with the name. Podcasts rescue I actually took for the divine name. The dot com wasn't available that Someone had already bought it. And i probably got something in my repertoire of domains. It would work. But i don't really know wanna start another show bit rose. I think you have enough shows. Todd that you're doing eighty so do i. Yeah i do but and you can't save all either so it's just And some people are so adamant. And i understand. There's no rules podcasting. And i keep that in mind but when someone outright tells somebody this is the way you will do this and i'm lying not really and then you know i just i feel bad because what that is going to do and what it is happening. Is those those those shows are destined for the graveyard. I guess maybe what we need to do is identify the type of information that's being shared. That's not helpful. I mean is there any kind of common threads that you're you're saying Well you know as as an example. there was a and this happened from Phone call i had Someone that A chief remember the context but oh the context was i want you check my show out over on spotify and i said well i i. I don't use spotify. What what is your apple. podcast listing. Or you know. I can't find your show in the apple. Podcast directory and dispersant flint. What do you mean. I'm like well. Are you an apple. Podcast google podcasts. Are you anywhere else but spotify. No why should i be anywhere else but spotify and like. Whoa it's podcast is about distribution in a small percentage audience listening on spotify. And you really should will. I was told. And i'm like oh here. We go and being published on anchor. It is the that explains it but at the same time Is and. I'm not saying this is happening. Because my understanding was that they were still automatically submitting shows to apple Obviously it didn't happen with this show. But the question really is is anchor now. Suppressing other destinations. And i'm not saying that's happening but and again this is one instance so you know it's not a trend per se y. Know that when. I was working over on speaker Just to give a little bevin example of this. I think when a publishing platform a recording platform it's merged in with a listening platform. You you can create an environment where a person thinks. They're producing that show just for that platform at shows at At spreaker that would come in and create their shows on the speaker platform and never put him out as a podcast. They were just available off of spreaker right so they were typically live shows that were produced On the platform and they would be automatically recorded and made available as part of their their older episodes but the content creator didn't think of their shows as being podcasts. Or they didn't even know what a podcast was or how it worked or how to submit. I mean some of the you know like submitting to apple. You have to know about podcasts. Connect and anchor isn't educating their podcasters about that Or encouraging that I don't know how they would know unless they did. Some research and what was more interesting. Is that she. The person was contacted me for advertising. And like i can't help you roy now so i can't measure you because anchors not you know we can't put a redirect over on On you are over. anchors. I can't i can't measure can't monetize you right and of course that was you know the redirect discussion continues here we've Sounds profitable james. Cridland apologized by jesse sent the sounds properly newsletter on the pilot news newsletter email lists. I thought that was hilarious. So pushed the wrong distribution button. So change so if you subscribers more but you know I mentioned the last show. That angelo had replied with two brian with a pretty extensive. You know i actually. I don't think.

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