A highlight from 700: For All Mankind S2E6 Review: 'Best-Laid Plans'



Hombre kabul union of free born republics grades. russia's wheel did forever to stand created in struggle by will of the people united in my dr soviet land. This episode starts with the soviet national anthem. Dan we got them. We got the russians. The russians are coming. I'm jason snell is for all mankind on tv. And he's he's comrade comrade cosmonaut dan moore and hello geologists yaish no you at what point ellen gamely has learned one freeze in russian and quickly and that's it all like the Time in seventh grade. Where after a year of french. I decided well in montreal to try and buy batteries by myself and french quickly realized i was out of my depth. You don't you just had to quickly ask where the library was and leave. Yes yeah we get we because of the apollo soyuz mission or should i call it. Soyuz apollo hollow for convenience. As i said there is i can watch so. I was a little bit. Lukewarm on last week's episode good character stuff plot plot a was okay but you know it was a little slow and all that i take it all back for this episode. This is my favorite episode. Maybe if the whole series certainly of this season this season for sure. I loved every minute of it. I love finally. After all of lobbying for this i loved finally seeing more of the cosmonauts and the soviet union the just so much of it so central lighters. I told to the margot's giving the presentation and it's like cosmic era astronaut. One will come out in an astronaut or remain behind and then astronaut three and astra for and they're like no no. No i come from that. They'd be referred to his cosmonaut one and two like she's like all making notice. Yes course there. Cosmonaut one thai love the bit where you know. They're like all right. So you're gonna have to basically tell us what your radio frequencies are and they're like nokia. I no i enjoy the fencing so much of them trying to suss out like try to figure out. How do they dock these ships and the russians like well. We don't want to tell you. How are docking system works. Well you're gonna have to tell us because we need to the ships. Well i guess we've got a problem. Everything in here is great. I think especially on my part. I knew this was going to be the case. But like there's a scene where danielle and her co-pilot on the meeting are. They're they're meeting with their russian opposites and i noticed in this scene danielle i feel like she plays up her twang a bit when she's having this conversation with them which i thought was interesting and of course they're like having this very awkward moment where they. Hey why why did you decide to become a cosmonaut. And the guys like i was i was pilot. In russian air force my supervisors signed me up for cast barrier. Said you will because manatt. Yeah great story. that's the end. And then they bring in the food and they've gotten their borscht install. This happening has hamburgers. Don't they totally like to the bar. So they take him to the bar and there's so many scenes with with with them. Yeah they're great you get the two fallen comrades and they talk about their comrades and they they list off the paulo one and then the people who died last season in fictional things could happen and the us. There's a little screwed. Yeah there's a little tense moment of like well you know. If you've done what we do they wouldn't have died and and she fires back with you know if you did what you know what we do. Your guys wouldn't have died so they're like okay enough so once again for the second straight episode we get one of those well shit happens. What's the next toast to the women. All right lane women for the ladies. I could drink. Meanwhile the kgb minder is seeing the bar Keeping keeping their is closely glued to the cosmonauts are up to which i enjoy. They don't want vodka. They want jack daniels. You know like yeah think we can find some jack. Daniel's probably And then we get the story about like the space dog.

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