It's Not a Great Week To Be an Egyptian Ship Pilot


It's not a great week to be an egyptian ship pilot. One of the world's largest cargo ships a ship taller than the empire state building getting stuck in the mud and thus somehow slowing down supply chains and fossil fuel deliveries everywhere is pretty delightful metaphor for both twenty twenty one in the transformation action required around emissions reduction have no doubt we'll get the ship out. Countries companies all massively invested in that tiny little canal. Being wide open will come together to free the ship. They'll throw every tugboat and digger. They've got added. A memes have been made. The pilot will be blamed. But maybe maybe we can take a big step back then have some perspective. Why the hell is it. The pilots fault. Why do we rely on a tiny historically fraught canal to support all of the world trade. Why did we let this happen. It might take a couple of weeks with progress. Painfully slow at times but once the ships free traffic jams can clear in global trade can recommence and maybe we won't take such a tiny little canal for granted

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