Should Vice President Kamala Harris Resign? - burst 2

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Marijuana use i think it's also agreed that it's bad. Luck joe biden. Doesn't do anything about it because it emphasizes further hypocrisy from him. It just puts a cherry on top of of of everything that he said all the hypocrisy he participated in and it's really surprising because he's a politician. I don't think the policy is right. But i'm just saying that by should mate remain consistent with his policy and therefore everybody in his administration including Harassed should be subject to the same rules and regulations. Now you make an interesting point there too. Because i did read the new york times article that he had agreed to bring some people back from remote work in the if if they had agreed to sign a pledge to not use marijuana while they're working in the government and also submit to random drug test. Too so i say that to ask like if has she been held to the same standards if they had the president vice president of the united states pledged that she will never smoke weed again while working for the government and also submit to random drug tests like that would just burn down nation media all alone

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