A highlight from Running Realized Episode Six: The Load We Carry


Knox robinson and i'm stoked to be here tina. This is episode six. We're we're at the halfway mark in our journey but you know talking to some cats today who are getting ready for a breakthrough marathon and Thirteen point one. Miles is not really the halfway point of the marathon. The so really just because we're episode six. It's not really halfway absolutely. I mean i think actually in some ways this is where it gets caught as mentally. Because you've got that part where you you know what you've done but you will say see. How much left the risks do. And i think actually that that plays a lot of ways to what we're doing here. Yeah i mean. We're still maintaining conservative pace. You know not a conservative agenda. We're know but yeah we. We definitely have Miles to go. And i'm still doing but at this point still like checking in The way you might check in with the body at thirteen point one a marathon. What do you folks are getting out of running realized after falling along so far. Lafayette it never ceases to amaze me. How many things you can relate to running like running as As people say that it is the greatest analogy for life but it really is a sweat as there's nothing you can't somehow connected to what we go through which is just ridicule. What do i have. People are getting out of it. I mean the biggest thing i think is just so often we find ourself in the situation where we just don't or at least i had in the past. I know i've been very guilty of this. Consider what other people could be going through It was quick to judge quick too to assume that people are doing things that we wouldn't do but not taking into account. What is going on. And i think i'm hoping that people are listening to this and you're really the stories are really helping. Put them in that person's shoes to imagine what that would be like. So yeah i think for me. That's the biggest thing. I would hope perspective and then an ability to be able to act that feeling of knowing the such a big challenge ahead and not. I'm filling almost paralyzed by feeling your one. Individual choice doesn't make a matter. I would hope that these episodes are showing people that that uh actions can make a difference. What about you one hundred percent. I mean and that's almost opening the door to to this awesome episode six that we have chewed up for today. But i want to agree like those ideas that you're discussing not only apply to running right but also apply to this sort of intersection of running culture and action. Social justice action calls to action that serious interface again thinking of our recent conversation about climate change and whatnot and there is a sort of chicken. Little sky is falling impulse that can take over. Like what can we really do. And so i love the fact that we can reset redirect and kind of like think about some takeaways. I mean it's again just like with running. It does lend itself to the highest philosophical mind expansions imaginable but on the other hand. It's very practical. It's one foot in front of the other. And that's what. I really am proud of our the simple calls to action and the and the service aspects of the conversations. We've been having and again that that's really could be president in these conversations that we have chewed up for this episode six. So what are we. What are we about to get into. Today we're talking about the extra load. Some of us carry while looking daily. Mileage as to runners from the asian american community showed their experiences. Fast will hit a story from victoria lawyer. A chinese american runner based in brooklyn new york victoria tells the story of a mid run panic attack. And how that relates to the current. Say she'll climate. I'm really excited to hear from victoria. Tina because we ran together for for several years in my group black roses nyc and strong incredible personality. And it's incredible to see what i'm doing recently so super excited to share this platform with her and an after victoria. We're gonna hear from dr jenny wang now. She's a peach. Seen a licensed psychologist. Dr wang is gonna help us have a conversation about the intersection of racialized trauma. Racial and cultural identity and running. Then we'll break down and provide costa action on how the listener can take the next steps on being an active participant in making running and the world a safer space for api community opponent poem written and performed by daryl murphy. Daryl's the creator of miles for justice a grassroots initiative in which he runs five k. Or more every single day as a silent protest

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