A highlight from Episode 186

Sword and Scale


Perform a welfare check. No one including the couple's college age children had heard from the woodruff's in two days. This was very unusual and the family was concerned when tot arrived everything on the property looked normal. He tried the doors but they were locked from the inside. Todd was told to check on. Dennis enormou- by any means necessary. So he broke into a window and forced his way into the house. What he saw shook him to the core. There were dennis. And norma sitting on the sofa with a soupy black blood pooling between their bodies. They had been shot and stabbed multiple times. The couple was propped up like to slaughtered rag dolls. There was no sign of a struggle. No signs of a break-in norma's hand was dangling over her head like a broken branch while dennis still had his tobacco spit. Cup clutched in the palm of his lap. The tv was on flashing light onto the cardboard box. That denison norma were using as a makeshift coffee table. The small town of royse city and never seen

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