A highlight from Is Dogecoin at $0.58 a Triumph or an FU to the Crypto Industry?


What's going on guys. It is tuesday may fourth and today. We have an interesting debate. We are officially in a different part of this bull market. Bitcoin is down about four percent over the last twenty four hours to the mid fifty five thousands east continues its march currently at thirty four hundred dollars ten percent up in the last twenty four hours now it is seemed a bit like it was finally eats turn to dominate. The conversation questions like is there. A shift in institutional fund flows to eat how far on a journey to becoming a macro asset. Is it how is it shifting. The narrative of the crypto industry as a whole. All of these seem like the things that we would be talking about right now but no sorry athenians. You don't get to have these conversations at least not today because once again stealing. Everyone's thunder is the. She knew themselves does coin. Does up like forty five percent in the last twenty. Four hours is currently sitting at like fifty eight cents. Of course people are trying to point two reasons for this yesterday. The oakland athletics announced that they were selling tickets for an upcoming series with the blue jays for one hundred does and then quickly completed the novelty transaction. Another more plausible to me explanation has to do with the token getting more accessible etoro on monday announced support for does citing significant demand among their twenty million global users and this morning gemini also announced that it will support doj. There's also the hype leading up to elon musk's appearance on. Snl this weekend. He did tweet out the doj father. Snl may eighth now. Did an episode. That i called cryptos war of the roses and it went through the seven factions. That i believe make up. This bull market doj listed as a force unto itself fully of but also outside of the rest of the market. This morning as i watched the price of doj soar to nearly sixty cents a coin. I ask the only question that i could think of on. Twitter is dosier triumph of or cue to the crypto industry and man. Did you guys have feelings. So what i'm going to try to do is organized the answers into a few different categories and add some thoughts along

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