A highlight from Miracle Worker (Jesus Feeds the 5,000)


Who knows head over to theathened media dot com forward slash t f to find all the ways to support the show speaking of the show. Let's get started. Geeta zoo entourage followed him. Even when he jumped in a boat and headed to the other side of the galley he brought his disciples with him so they can all take a much needed break from their celebrity lifestyle and get aren't aren't such but when they landed on the other shore they found that crowds had run the coastline just to see him. The crowd eagerly awaited him to do something amazing. Jesus had compassion on them despite not getting his much-needed alone time he began to teach them many things for hours. Upon hours. it got to the point where the disciples came up to him and said we are kind of in the middle of nowhere. Send them away so they can grab a bite to eat if any of the fast food joints or even open this late. Jesus replied better plan you give them something to eat semi offended. The disciples replied well. Wha- what wandering around proclaiming the kingdom of god is near not exactly a lucrative business. We can afford any of that patiently. Jesus responded go find how many loaves of bread we can round up. They did and andrew discover the crowd of boy with five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus motion to the whole crown to take a seat and spread out their picnic. Blankets a quick headcount revealed. There were five thousand men. I guess the disciples just forgot to count the women and children to holding the boys simple offering. Jesus prayed looking up to heaven. After the blessing he wrote the lows and started passing them around and the red coming and it kept coming more and more soon everyone had read and with fully satisfied like twelve his whole leftovers. That people were now offering two styrofoam takeout containers. It was quite the miracle. In fact. Judas was already scheming and how to make profit from this neat trick. Fool and distracted. Jesus took this as a great q. Finally get rr plessey was kind of getting a vibe that the free food might cause some people to crown him king Free food does weird things to people before heading up the mountain to be alone. Jesus shoot his disciples into about a set them off. He wouldn't prayed as all the people filtered away to their own lodgings the sunset and disappeared from the sky by now the boat with the disciples was far from the shore. I don't see the wind picked up and the ship was greatly rocked by waves. We're trying to keep things under control. When they saw ghastly sight figure was walking on the water toward the boat frightened. They screamed like babies. It's a ghost cried. A few scrambled to get the owners to high tail out of there but by now jesus was close enough to say guys chill out. It's just me jesus. yeah. I forgot to mention that i can totally walk on water amazing former transportation by the way peter being a wise guy tried to test the mysterious figure. Oh yeah prove it. If it is you lord commandment a come walked on the water. All right. Come on then. Jesus motion peter towards him. Pierre stepdad faith and walked on the water stepping on the waves careful foot at a time but gust of wind swayed peter and he began to get scared and his fear. He's started sinking slowly into the water. As low as he cried. Jesus appeared next to grabbed his hand. Peter your faith wavered. Why did you doubt. Jesus pulled peter into the boat and hopton himself. The crew was still stunned at this point. They really didn't understand. Just what power. Jesus had split second. The boat arrived at their destination disciple. Still reflecting on all these things after this brief ad look at what this story means to us today. Hey guys. I want to tell you about a great book. I'm reading. i'm reading living in the times of dragons. The first book in the remnant king series by john a pretorious. This dark fantasy novel is a different kind of fantasy. With unique and complex characters and while it's

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