2021 NFL Draft: Biggest Surprises of Day 2


I can tell you here in houston. People think not always. Does sean decided he's play his last game for the texans. Maybe the texans have had a change of heart because the whole face the franchise thing. Let's talk about that for one. Second how do you go from. He was the clear cut. Face the franchise. I mean on all the commercials here. They're all gone. How do you come back from that. When it's your face the franchise guy. Can't he come back into the fold and would he be comfortable coming back into the fold. Yeah i don't know. I mean i think that's a longer more drawn out conversation. Maybe another time. But i'll say this. We saw ben rothlisberger comeback and re reemerges the face of franchise in pittsburgh thank anti. Most things can of be worked through. It'd be interesting. But i will say this if you take davis meals in the third round and you do jettison deshaun watson this offseason you go right back to the pond and fish again for another quarterback so what is really the point when you have tyrod taylor there. I think that to me was the thing you know. You're going to go back and have fish in those waters. I don't know. I think you might have wasted a third round pick but you brought up something it it it really makes me think about. Why did the knee jerk reaction to other quarterbacks going. We saw a quarterback ago in the first three rows. that's the most ever but couch. S went to the buccaneers at the bottom of the second round in kalama going to the vikings in the third

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