Che Guevara as an Icon



What is one of the most popular images symbolizing revolutionary and radical politics. That you can even think of for me. It's definitely that image of che guevara wearing a beret looking off into the distance. Are we going into this topic of il-chang give out so the year is two thousand nine and met my very first college party and i'm sherlyn you know relaxing all cool not playing some bebo and some guy walks in with t shirt and immediately. It caught my eye because number one. Cuban and number two. It's gigolo at number three. it's a white guy wearing a chicken. I don t shirt and it wasn't very different from any of the times that i saw ceva anywhere else but suddenly some white kid walking into a party wearing a t shirt had me feeling things that i had never felt before when it had seen shale at his image that grew up seeing china's image almost everywhere growing up in miami. You not really presented with people who are very different from your upbringing so growing up with a bunch of cubans. It never occurred to anybody to put j. o. On a t shirt and walk around with it carmen. And i were both raised. Cuban americans in miami where the perspective of tshuva i would say is generally that. This man was very violent figure in the revolution. It's the very first time. I think that i was confronted. With the fact that somebody else might have a different idea of what this image stands for. So get into the image. The image i'm talking about. I'm sure you've seen countless amount of times. It has been said that it is the most reproduced photograph of the twentieth century. And it is the image of chiang about looking off into the distance very serious. He's got long hair and he's wearing a beret with a single star in the middle. The image is called gabrielle at equal or heroic warrior. Yup well i have never translated that. And now as i'm saying it in english it's even

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