A highlight from My Body Is A Wasteland (with R. Eric Thomas)


That's a u. d. a. c. Why why unhappy. Our the show where we bitch about other things we to he every single week. I'm your host. Matt bella cy. I'm here in my home studio recording far far away from my producer. Barry sprinkle highbury heym. And how's it going. How's your week I don't know if people will be able to hear this probably not because professional microphone. That is very good at picking up my voice and nothing else which is why you get my nasal towns directly into your ears so beautifully but the ice cream truck has decided to park outside my window as it does on many days and as the weather gets warmer i get nearer to committing absolute felony murder at least thirteen fourteen floors up. I'm on the second floor. It's like the ice cream truck is in my apartment. I can never tell though based on. I guess there aren't a lot of others hall buildings in this direction. But sometimes i'm like does it actually amplify it because it's just bouncing off of i don't know how sound work i sure but i can tell you for a fact that it is way ladder in my apartment. Okay so now not only on finding the ice cream truck man. We are fighting each other. I will i will. I will weaponize ice cream and don't even try and stop me okay. I won't even ask you how you're doing because we're in a fight fine so we'll just get on with today's episode What's coming up today. We're gonna kick things up as always with worse things. I shot about the stupidest most ridiculous worse news of the week after that. We are diving deep

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