EVs & Infrastructure - Katie Sloan, Southern California Edison


Drivers do percents of their charging. That's eight zero percent of their charging at home. There are over twenty two thousand charging stations on over sixty six thousand chargers across the united states and counting with more being installed every day. The new electric vehicles have a healthy amount of battery range. Some as much as three hundred fifty miles as i recall and the cars. Frankly are very very cool. I was at the dc. Auto show recently took a ride with a race car driver in an electric volvo sports car. That was way cool. There are electric and hybrid. Suv sedans sports cars et cetera. So what is holding it up. I'd like you to meet a woman who we hope can answer some of these questions kate. Sloan is the director of mobility at southern california edison. I met katie a few months ago at an electric drive transportation association forum. And i knew i had to have you meet her. Katie has been at southern california edison for about seventeen years if i read that right in her linked in profile and his knee deep electric vehicles. She earned her degrees in economics. Which is an interesting angle to approach this from both at her graduate undergraduate and master's degrees from new mexico state university welcome to green connections radio. Katie and thank you so much for joining us. Thank you john. I'm excited to be here. Oh you're welcome you're welcome so you focus on removing the barriers to electric vehicle adoption which assumes there's a big market for these vehicles but since most of us are not even be owners. What's your pitch to own one. That's a great question to start with. And i would say that. Electric vehicles are funded. Drive that is the number one reason that people should be thinking about purchasing them love to share a little story about my own personal experience and that is that my husband has always driven really large. Suv's and trucks his whole life and when we went car shopping a few years ago and we started looking at electric vehicles. I have to say that he was like probably the majority of folks saying that he was not very excited about purchasing an electric vehicle so much so that when we went to test drive one of the cars he refused to sit in the front seat and actually sat in the back with his arms folded

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