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Everyone is kit. And i'm just jumping in here quickly to give you a little bit of an introduction to our guest this week. So adriana is the founder of anima mundi herbals which is an apothecary base between brooklyn and costa rica. And actually when we recorded this session she had just come back from the beach in costa rica where she lives with her family and it made me nece it so much. I cannot wait until we can all travel safely again. And i can go back to costa rica which is one of my favorite places to in the world but this week we talked all about the power of plants in healing and energy. Were in a bunch of fun stuff. That is kind of an intro to this whole space. That i don't know much about but had so much fun learning about from china and i hope you guys love it as much as we do. So let's just get right into the episode since you're at the beach in enjoying life. Let's just get right into it. Can you talk about a nema moon. Be founding the brand and what it stands for as well. Yeah absolutely so. I started out as an herbalist have been studying herbs for quite some time and my grandmother was a big inspiration. When i was young. I didn't really profound meditations with her. Where basically i was learning how to talk to spirit which at that time it didn't really understand what was going on. But since i was young. I was really immersed into these spirit rounds and we would even invoke spirits in our living room and we would just do these profound meditation that i feel like all child is connected to this other aspect of nature in life and is just. You're so much more open to that at that time. But since then i learned to nature and her mind the spirit surrounding it in quantities like shamanism talk so much about the fine tuning of how to listen to plans of their other fellow human beings you know and so through learning with other teachers as i grew older. I got so inspired to keep this these traditions. I was learning from alive. And so i immerse myself in different cultures whether it was the amazon here in costa rica in new but see and so on and i really started seeing how such an ancient system and it's probably worldwide all these indigenous traditions. Were doing the same thing. You know tuning into these subtle realities so when it really got immersed into that i was like my mission is to really bring remedies from the rainforests and preserve these traditions because newer generations are really not really interested in carrying on which is kind of like you know the story. That's been happening over the last twenty years that these traditions are going extinct. There's no interest in the generations to continue living in the bush. In other words you know and preserving so i was like i want to go back and bring these routes alive and so we started by bringing a bunch of these smaller wild craft plans from certain indigenous people and supporting them directly through their own economical form. You know because a lot of these people don't even work with money for example everything's like barter or trade or you know some sort of other alternative to that. Some of them of course work with money. The more modernized indigenous cultures so as we grew honestly the volume needed was just not met with a lot of the people we worked with so we kept like having limited edition with certain special people. And then we had like a small farm farmer farmed herbs. Bruce's just wild and so it became this really fun. Maneuvering of leg bringing the soul of nature back into modern day. Reality which is how anima moon these name was born. We were like this is the mind of nature and the preservation of the soul of the world. Which is the meaning the actual meaning of anima mundi the soul of nature. So we kinda saw that as the revival of that indigenous consciousness. That were all a part of. We're all a part of this grid of this. Nature is mind were all daughters and sons and just part of this so the revival of that is what the mission of the company became the preservation of these beautiful medicines of ancient traditions and just techniques on healing ourselves through the power of nature so that is honestly a constant struggle in constant reality in a small growing business because when we started and everything was small super tiny badge addition. It was actually fun in an easier. 'cause we would just source where i'm used to sourcing.

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