Baylor Beats Gonzaga for the National Championship

Titus & Tate


Have never in my life been for a game so anticipated. Been just sitting here. Like i cannot believe this is happening and even even as all the talk in the second half is like all right. Uh-huh gonzaga tonight. I honestly like never really felt like ever. I said on the show before this season gonzaga. There's so there's a calming presence about that. I said if they're down ten. I think what i said. It was even if they're down ten with like four minutes left. I'm not panicking. Because they just their so calm cool and collected they were not calm at any point in this game. The moment jalen down four. Nothing in jalen suggs picks up the charging foul. They had like a look in their of lake. What you want to and at no point were even when they cut it to nine. I was like great. You cut it to nine. Like i don't see how you're going to. You cannot stop baylor. so that's cool. You cut it tonight and then snap of a finger. It's back to like seventeen that it was as thorough of an asking. I if they play tomorrow it reminded me a loyal illinois like it's technically upset but like at the same time. Play that game tomorrow. Baylor's kicking the. I'm still taking baylor tomorrow. I'm still taking baylor on wednesday. I'm taking baylor on thursday

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