We do. All right, Let's get him on here. Mr President.


President Biden Thursday on TV is national dress, he says. If everyone's on their best behavior, he might allow some limited freedom's on the Fourth of July. Just curious. Whether or not you would follow your president Biden's orders on this Well, you know he's out. He's an absolute disgrace. And you know, he's sleepy Joe, and that's what we call them in the truth, and you get sleep here. By the day I saw him standing there and I don't think many people think that guy's going to make it. We'll see what happens. But he's not doing so hot right now. And our country can't handle four more years of this guy. So we'll see what happens. The Secret Service Mr President heard that the Secret Service has actually been instructed to jump in front of any reporters that launch questions. At president bind, So we're not not sure that all the faculties were there, General. I think the general's a question for you, sir. First of all, I'd like to say it's an honor to speak with you on. I don't want the federal they say it's an honor to speak with you as well. Well, thank you. I would just ask you to fall upon Brad's point about the press. Do you notice any difference in the way that the press treats the office of the president these days, as opposed to how it was when you were the president? Well,

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