Prof. Kitrina Douglas Talks About Narrative Theory And Identity


Yeah if i challenge you. Couldn't we say that nowadays especially when the dual career has become kind of quite influential scores. So the idea that athletes need to be combining school and sport at the same time so now it could be even more dominant idea that you are not allowed to be just an athlete but you also have to be a student that you need to get your education at the same time. So it's becoming another form. Dominant narrative telling you that you have to have at least these two identities a rate land you battle I cool the national anti-doping panel who are involved says who sit and hear cases of who have been found guilty of committing an anti-doping events and want to appeal that bam. And i remember a few years ago i sat on a hearing panel. And there's three qc and two former athletes who have had representative histories in this book career. So we sit as a three-person powell to hear the uk anti doping and the athletes defense. This particular athlete was at a really well known university in the uk. One of the best universities you who was on their talk team. In particular sports and this athlete the cohort that he was in was studying light in the library. And they all took a tablet so they wouldn't sleek so that they could get their assignment in at five o'clock in the morning and then this athlete got on a coach and went to a particular european sporting event and one inch and he was tested off. What's four years. He lost his scholarship to the university. He lost his place in particular sport. I won't go into specifics but he was doing what he was supposed to do. All of the learning on the sport. And i just felt just do the sports just to the spoke for now. Why push yourself so much in the education as well that you have to attain such a high standard in that you called win. I felt i felt that this athlete was under too much pressure to perform. Both of those things and i'm really uncomfortable by chance. The jewel career in theory sounds great but in practice. I think there's a lot of problems with it because exactly as your say we. We expect athletes to perform in both of these areas. Now yeah yeah. Those are the questions that i've been looking into as well. It seems to be especially with the young women who often really put effort into both of them so they want to be perfect in everything but they also want to have like active social life. And you know probably you cannot do everything at the same time up to you. know perfection. yeah. I think there's to sing it now. In the uk and of course children develop while at school but the narrative this in the newspapers and also and i've had some young people interviewed is my life is going to be ruined because i have been at school this last year. Now i did see hack today. We can learn in lots of different ways. There's the hidden curriculum and if everyone across the road is of school. It's a level playing field so we don't have to say will your disadvantage the have been voltages to being home with your family and going back to my life. My father would take him to school to found events. He couldn't necessarily have holidays during school times so he takes. I did i was it affected effect. I my education. Well done better in my agency exam but does not really match so we have to see. The live isn't justified education. It's about our relationships. It's about understanding the world and what we're doing. And so i feel everything is getting to submit and true and people allowed to grow develop in thomas best then i remember again. My brother say you'll probably late developer. And i've got no executive but it gave me a narrative it doesn't have to stop playing golf five. I can stop when. I was seventeen and lots of people said to me when i was starting at seventeen. Oh you're too old. You remember someone at the gulf of on that and say who do you think you. I can't pitch up and say going to become a professional golfer. That's not how it works. You go to be town. Id spotted at five and you go big on this particular pathway so can work that way but it can also work lots of different ways that were allowing enough experimentation a walk. I think for those of us that don't follow the gender the typical pathway. We defended public side so i was very creative player. I learned how to play shots. Because i taught

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