Secrets Of A Grand Prix Photographer, Bahrain Testing Day 2


To go with today's action i'm joined by grand prix alex kalinowka and a special guest photography. Extraordinaire stephen t. To get his perspective from the front line. Stephen thank you so much for joining us today. it's been a very busy couple of days and bahrain How is the great nice to be here. Thank you for inviting me. Yeah it's been been okay at as you said. The weather was was fit. Weirder than we expected. I think everyone thought we were gonna come here. Very benign and a ball. They were able to really halt yesterday. And and we have to sandstorms but amazingly I think the amazing thing was caused the often is still managed to get to the time that they did a landau for about a day. That saying how amazed there was that you manage to get such a such a quick time in and he said that he thinks the because the track is Has got such a. It's a very rough track very wraps up. He seems to think that maybe the oldest a very very fine sand that was being blown around. What's going into the cracks and wasn't really effective in sumatra. 'cause they said it looks a lot worse. The cheap felt basically. So that's quite interesting. So how was that from your perspective because obviously it was very very sandy on friday. A love wins. And when you get bahrain as well you have to deal with the conditions of going from light to dark as a photographer. How does that change things. Foyer day these tests have been quite long. There's actually quite nice to have the dnc the otherwise everything will be a little bit one dimensional. You'd be reasonably nice light in the morning. He's got reasonably life nights. Layoffs at all or you should But it's nice. It's nice to have the opportunities to the lives as well. I'm here with them choosing mclaren so we're only allowed to even be on track or in team garage if you work and they see what folded at one team so we could allow full overseeing the garage then all out and circuit two very separate team says guys are on track. Spend the whole weekend on track guys in the in the cowards and spend the whole weekend in that garage is but so so it. It's quite nice to have to the you know the the change of life because as soon as the lights come on you can stop doing different things etcetera so It otherwise it would be very very long day on a bit. One dimensional when you set up for the weekends. You and the other talkers. Guts bahrain for the weekend diesel to come together make list of like the shots you want to get or is it very much A little bit more fluid than that shopping list is kind of creative. I in a client whether it be working might multiple dot com or ulcers. Full repay racing. We were We we put them yesterday. They they went suppress Last night basically. So they needed. They needed five parades and And pictures of every car. The team sponsors. We were all have big shopping list of stuff they need so it's very much driven by but yet you're absolutely right we do. It's around a on a breakdown. Who can do an five of the days. The best time to get the shot get shot there is a lot of discussion about basically and obviously in preseason testing updates as well which is quite important factor for editorially and i guess for you guys this photographer how do you kind of with that kind of aspects of preseason testing as well. What about talk of his mom. He's tossed with looking for that stuff and shoots just basically shoots stuff on circuit tries to get angles but my show walser. What the what. The teams are doing differently. So that's that's that's very much role this year because there's no active free actress to the line. I know access to other people's got the one working working working in it's it's very sham an od on the oneal and tracks Soup scenario about. He's been with this gopher nisa kind of see stuff so it's kind of interesting to hear it from especially within the time currently in but you know you've been you've been at the track stephen and you've been watching things happens. There been anything that's kind of caught your eye for the past couple of days. I mean just the number of laps they've been doing is one thing. Obviously we all know the calls on all the other they. They social differences to the merrill basically the same as last year. So somebody's been doing testing for chip more years than cats. Cats are remember One of the features of testing nor in especially you know going back a few years was the cause would sometimes do you know first day of testing four or five laps and spend the rest of the time in the couch being being get the updates in an engineer stunning scratching their heads over a various positive. But they've just been they've been pretty pretty now and they just been going round and round around so i think good other than that frustration for us i suppose The the there's been a lot flow is on the cars and And that's not something that Clients we go out to us basically because that gives away lots of secrets. So those those those locks have to be Speeches copy used from the laps. That's happening on and then hopefully they've been using the the arrow gates as well and a lot so That this There's been quite a lot of. Let's be quite a lot of that going on the last two days especially in the

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