BBC Three is Coming Back to TV


Let's talk about tv and bbc. Three which will be returning to the fusty old fashioned airwaves. After an absence of nearly six years. It's going to be back on. Tv sets in january maggie Will you be watching things target demographic but will you be watching your the target demographic but i'm very piece it's coming back I think he shouldn't've gone away in the fest place. I also like the fact that it's also going to be a following on from cbc so the one of the aims of the bbc. One of the failures of the bbc has been fantastic children's programming. The seabees thought graduating through to see bbc. So we can think of horrible histories strict sonko great great shows but then they lost that advantage and i think now that they're going to take an hour of cbc and move into bbc straight. And i think this is actually a potentially good way of rebuilding interest because they can actually put forward some some grapes. Some great shows whether they'll be watched. I didn't know they can be caught up with but the thing is really spoiled for choice now and to actually just rope a group of a tv channel. Just seems to me to have been a very bad idea. But on the other hand what she see is that the regulators have been nagging away the producers because on the exec because that losing the younger views in but it's a very competitive market so the more outlets you have the best staff is. It's been obvious to real professionals in television including the control of bbc. Three that the decision five years ago it was wrong and so they're finally Reversing it may be too late. But i'm glad that june yes interesting. Jake look back actually or listened back. I should say to what our panelists said here on the media. Podcast when the move was announced that bbc's be bbc three would be moving online because we were on abbott van in two thousand fifteen Leon wilson said on the show to me. It's a huge mistake. It will probably be a qualified. Success will be one or two programs that pumps through online. But it'll be harder for us to be seen and for asthma and said this is nonsense. I can't believe this is happening. Television has an important canvas. That young people under served in time has proven right really. Hasn't it was always a mistake to put bbc three on mine. Can we just say that. Now i think the fact that the bbc's made this decision is a tacit acknowledgement that. It was a mistake. But i also don't think that it was a failure. Bbc three unshackled from the jill did reasonably. Well did very well. In fact some fantastic shows came through within online environment. I'm thinking that alexa flee back which has gone on to huge international success and won emmys and landed phoebe waller bridge a huge deal with amazon. And then you look at things like normal people which came last year plasma successful show Austria and beyond. I think ever Things like this country just quality quality programming now that that's not to say that those shows would not been commissioned if bbc. Three's on television. But i do think there was a creative freedom that came with being online and i hope that that remains that creative freedom continues and the bbc three doesn't have to spend money on shedule filling content like family. Guy like eastenders repeats because that you know that comes with a cost it still comes with. The cost is all repeats but they they still come with a cost shows. So why don't save the cash because all of those shows that jake just listed. Maggie had outings bbc one obesity too anyway. So they did get linear outing. And arguably would have been commissioned even bbc three haven't been an existed somewhere else on the bbc. I'm sure of course feedback with a bit of. The thing is really that that they had a late slot. Which is off to a the news helpless ten which is fine. I suppose but if a peanut the younger teenage area maybe it's better to be a bit more funky roundabout survey to talk of people who've had softened the home what they're looking for some entertainment secondly even if this is a qualified success. It's not you're not saying that. The programming copy shot on another channel. What you'll saying is going to premiere on bbc. Three and the seats will have its own form of promotions. General Ambience and i think that that shows the bbc has about the singer. Bob this past yet really opinion is that we really do well. What what is really happened is despite all channels. Having a terrible television broncos mutawa time in order to make programs have if you had to tear up hills the shadows. I didn't know how they will manage to keep going. It's been a very very very difficult. But they have performed. I think really well. And one of the aspects of it is the the Regulations and the quotas and on the agreements that they strike can have a run the channels what we put in the amount of circle public service will costing lawyers moods of of quotas and measurements to us forty two inches ready test channel phone over a hundred for the for the. They been relaxed because they had to. They had to be what they could be given the circumstances and i think they've done brilliantly and so i do think that another kind of channel to pay rounded up trusting. The bulk custos is at this point. Really good thing. I think that if you look at the energy is gone into some of the changes in just the the kind of logos and all the rest of that using the gen will the bits between the programs. they advertise that pregnancy will be very jazzy. I'm very keen an above all to. They've they've understood what the nation wants so we want more outdoor kind of things. We've had the the devon's on the komo's in the countryside programming that you could possibly drum up and it's been like that too with children Having the the bbc by sesame the government didn't say to bbc in in february across Help children home educate. They just did the juicy and they came up by april with with a complete scheme and then they re extended it. They used radio for Things so i think. Now it's the bbc is about to be besieged on despite order the gloom about since fees advertising and blah blah blah off broke custos. Domestic focuses are ashamed themselves to be foot of grits. And and. I'm beijing

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