Top 10 players signed by Patriots


Talk about the Patriots. The the Patriots grabbed everybody's attention by making move after move after move after move. Like we're watching it over agency going off. How many people are going to bring in its kind of unbelievable how many starters they've added? And so I count they added ten players that I think are very very significant to their team next year. In fact, I would say pretty clearly the Patriots are back and a lot of people saw this coming, you know, but they are going to be a force in the NFL next year here is my list my nerdy list of the ten players the top players. They added that are very significant to their roster next year. The first two are massive. It will reshape the entire Patriots offense. They added two tight ends Johnny Smith and Ed Hunter Henry. To Johnny Smith signed from Tennessee. He signed a four year deal worth up to fifty million dollars. That's Thirty one point two five million dollars guaranteed and he's only twenty-four years old. So that's Monday. That's a really gigantic Marquis franchise player. He cited the reason why it came to New England is cuz he loves Bill Belichick. He's got great respect for him. And I want to point out of all the everybody I'm about to talk about these shows to be in New England Bill Belichick got his kind of guys who sought out New England wanted to be there and wanted to work hard and win a Superbowl. I think it matters. It's very very exciting. These are not with Josh Gordon's or what's the other example Phillip Dorsett who they made a move for and they're not really like that. You think they fit they don't work out know. These are guys who all chose to be in New England who wanted to win a Superbowl. I really want to win a Superbowl. These guys went out of their way to be New England now the other tight and they brought in With twenty-six-year-old tight end Hunter Henry from the LA Chargers got a three-year deal twenty-five million dollars guaranteed. It's worth up to thirty seven point five million dollars total if he meets all those incentives. They also added two wide receivers the Patriots brought in Nelson agholor to a you got a two year twenty six million dollar contract East twelve years old. Now a lot of people do not like this move and I I get it Nelson agholor is not the most flashy player in the NFL but I think if it's very well with Cam Newton, he's good at he's not going up and getting the ball. He's got good hands did some stuff of the Raiders that I think deserves your attention go watch what he did with the Raiders and I just I'm like, huh a lot of good plays. Okay. I understand. I see the potential Bill Belichick and the Patriots would see and Nelson agholor go will give the guy a good contract, especially considering the Patriots have like our desolate at wide receiver. They need help. They got home. Who is awesome but he can't do everything by himself from the slot. They have n'keal Harry who n'keal Harry. I I think he's going to pop. I think he's going to progress and keep getting better. But she's not a number one right now. So on top of the page where it's also added Kendrick Bourne guy from my local area actually went to Eastern Washington University 25 years old. He's coming from the San Francisco 49ers. He got a three year deal worth twenty two point five million dollars. Now another thing the Patriots did they also added they signed Center Ted carriages and they traded for tackle Trent Brown. So this is the new Patriots offense right now. They've receivers Nelson agholor, Julian Edelman Kendrick born and kill hair is its own nuclear Aguilera. I'm doing my best. It's a hard game to say. They also have Sony Michelle running backs for any receivers Sony Michelle at running back and improved offensive line. Cam Newton at quarterback who I get why people doubt Cam? He's a former NFL MVP and with when you put cams Talent with a lot of weapons including two outstanding tight ends Hunter Henry Smith, right man. I'll tell you what I look at the Patriots offense and think two things immediately number one. Everything is going to run through their brand new Titans. Their entire offense now is probably going to drive down the seams of the field right up the middle. They're going to use our tents heavily lot of play-action again. I am scheme wise things will look a lot like the page words did back in the day when they had drunk and Aaron Hernandez together to start tight ends. Now number two. I feel very very confident with Cam Newton as the Patriots quarterback and it surprised me but I want to remind you that two years ago. Tom Brady was the page word starting quarterback and did basically nothing and the reason was there were no weapons there. He kept running into the same brick wall. His receivers weren't good enough. So, how can I think you and I would both agree. I like Cam Newton Tom Brady's a better quarterback than Cam Newton. So my point is if Tom Brady couldn't make it work with New England's roster. How was Cam Newton supposed to succeed? He was set up to fail will now Cam Newton's being given weapons is being set up to do. Well, I'm excited man. He's a former NFL MVP, he's hungry. I I personally believe Cam Newton's going to have an awesome year and it really is going to make extended one-year deal with like it was like three and a half million dollars with a bunch of incentives. I honestly think we're gonna look back at his contract at the end of next year and go. Can you believe the deal they got on Camden he played so well for no money. I really think he's he's a guy who can didn't play well enough wage. Last year to earn a new gigantic contract. So he's going to have to show what he can do this year and maybe earn more money next year but I think cam is poised to do very very well and make a lot of money and win a lot of games in New England

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