A highlight from #441 Enough is Enough


Be head is still above water to the things that you need to do. In order to keep yourself saying and together and you know optimistic that saw malarkey Things are kicking up here in the uk over the weekend with the we have. We had denied getting knocked out. Fake cop we have people in london protesting about the lockdown. It's going to end in a couple of weeks where people in bristol protesting about bill. It's going to prevent them from protesting. We had people breaking up people getting back together you know. Miami's on fire germany's on fire hall of europe so fire. Everything going off finger happening domino's fooling and it feels like in my opinion. Life is getting back to some semblance of normality. It does doesn't like it whenever it is a nonsense day and you happen to cover nonsense topics and you haven't a pittance to stuff. You probably don't wanna pay attention to let you really want to know how to spend money. Do you really care about who. She pays. The bills off really. You don't really do you. You don't really care about connie and kim's devos eva but you haven't a care because we have nothing else to look forward to but when did they slowly the source of news pammy in culture. In my opinion it's usually a sign that things going back to normal whenever you start to hit nonsense stuff because before if you remember last year we'll try to pretend into politics weren't we. We're all trying to change the world. Were trying to get rid of racism Rid the world. The police brutality. Right now look us. We'll we'll turn into quasi religious experts we all know everything's people should do with their lives except our own so i think that is a clear sign that life is returning back to some semblance of normality. And i can't wait. Because the last thing i want to be doing is lending my opinion of flipping sir shake nomadic laws around the uk. Let alone in europe. Let the world. That's definitely not in my skill set different in my indefinite out. Ever want to do it. I don't think you'd ever come to me for an opinion eva right. I can lend anything credible to that. Discourse will i can. Talk about angrily is dj. Lineups football right. That's the only thing that i know to an expert level. Everything else has just by the by by the bloody by So you what happened this weekend Wash a couple of a couple of series or start a few ended a few. I've decided to do this thing now. Where i'm just giving up on stuff if i don't think as good i'm not doing the whole like always gets better in the second season tried to break in but honestly i probably the only person in the world. You didn't really feel breaking those that great. The premise of the show is basically given to you. In the first five episodes and then it just kept longing off right is flipping de guy that gets a temp illness and decides to be a drug dealer like that's basically the story and he just goes fan of the the ruinous of or whatever. Whatever that time is called. The severity of the situation gets himself into the fact that it's always a continuing cup right every time we fix something something else messes up. The obvious control remains control. That's the thing actually he's actually. It's actually a dialogue of how little control. We actually have day to day. Lives right because we're very straight. I think a teacher. isn't he breaking guy. what right. He's a very straight narrow kind of dude. He has his way of living living and doing south. But in any chaos everything just goes lupino and it makes complete sense. Anyone has done any sort of level of hard drugs. You know that just a amount can really throw you off your costs of what you're meant to be doing their life. That's why most people advise you to abstain from those kind of things but for the most part you got the gist of the show. In the first what to the nfl out saying the first season you go to absolute just what show is about and after that it just it you know. Say me same for me. But i was kind of stick with stuff you know. Hold on and just wait for it to get better. But there's just there's just no time to waste with that of stuff. Life is already grimmer is living on some level of lockdown. Laughing needs to be doing is wasting time with audiovisual torture. That you've kind of reflected on yourself. We have computers have internet. There's no need subject to something you don't like just because you want to say you washed. It just doesn't make any sense. So yeah i kind of got rid of a few stuff continued. Actually we download the would lost pamphlets which is one of my favorite. All time spy drama espionage type of things it kind of follows loosely story of the pink panthers famous drug highest gang from somewhere of instinctual eastern europe and kind of follows their of origin tale. And it kind of follows. The detective is kind of enlisted to bring a crew down. She finds one guy in cruise kinda susceptible to me being a good guy. He's doing it for noble reasons. The is a really great. It's a really really really great movie. series six episode series.

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