A highlight from 473 - Toothpicks in America


Dave anthony read a story from american history to my friend. A gareth reynolds who has no idea what the topic is going to be about. How are you good man. We've talked before this so let's not do the fake recording ketchup thing because we saw good ten minutes prior to that yeah good yep yep you know all the stuff so so things are good in. Everything's good in neighborhood and stuff thinks yup sure what a crazy question but yep for sure so. Let's work works. Good work is just not. We've we've talked. I don't really in the show so let's just do the show. And how's how's how's the family. I haven't heard james voice in a long long. Let's literally just heard it before we started. So that's a lie. So i guess you're playing a character now on the show which is kind of worrying and troublesome but let's just move on start the show and we're going to go house jose. He's good but let's we've done this. It's nice to catch up. You know a lot of podcast. Yeah and i think people appreciate that a lot i think. Actually i've read comments that talk about how this this part doesn't need to be like this people love it. That's what you mean. Let's let's lady. And i have an idea. I'm to ask the same questions twice again. What is no absolutely not. How are you know no play. The got is jim. Patch the fucking. God gave okay. Let's cure for five and this is not gonna come o'clock five part proficient hit him with the puppy percent sip arguments. Don't candy dad. My friend gareth we brought to you by edmonds. Edmonds is a automobile automobile website. That helps you buy a car. Newer used these edmonds for years. I think the last three cars. I have bought using edmonds. It is incredibly helpful. I do not like the dealership. I don't like dealing with the push of sale and all that stuff and The thing that really seemed to help me in buying a car with edmonds is all the listings of the habit. Because you can see what the dealerships have on their lots like how many cars. They have a certain kind. He'd see if they have one that you want. That has all the bells and whistles that you like and so if you go to the dealership they're not trying to push you into a different car. That's other than you want you already know. What's on the lot. It also helps you like if you know. There's a bunch of a certain type of car you might be able to get a better deal or you can find a car. That's like a two thousand twenty on. You can save money that way. The listing thing is just super beneficial and also again used cars. What a great way to find a used car. Just go online and you can find out what lot it's on yes. So the listing thing. Really helps you broaden broaden your search or filter it down and then also like and it helps you figure out what you want so you like. Oh well this is kind of like that. Maybe i wanna check that out so so whether you're just browsing or know exactly what car want.

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